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A Day in the Life of a YEI Guy - Meet Eric!

25 November 2015   Yavapai Exceptional Industries | Partner Content

Creating Independence and Pride at Yavapai Exceptional Industries


If you live in the Quad Cities region of Northern Arizona and you are not familiar with YEI!, you should be. Yavapai Exceptional Industries was founded in 1974 to support adults with disabilities. YEI! provides job training, employment, volunteer placements, and support services for these developmentally disabled adult residents of the cities and towns of the Central Highlands. YEI!'s staff of 45 full and part-time exceptional people assist over 150 individuals daily at three training and employment facilities. YEI! continues to be known as a place where people with disabilities can find gainful employment and a sense of personal pride.


Below is a story of such pride. It is about Eric, an exceptional YEI! guy!



To capture the true spirit of the workers at YEI!, you don’t have to look very far. The YEI! reporting team had the chance to chat with Eric K., who graciously took the time to fill us in on what a typical week is like for him.


Gainfully Employed

Eric is gainfully employed with a number of jobs around town. "I work here at YEI! on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and then I go to Fann Contracting on Thursday. And, I work at Trader Joe’s on Friday, doing facing of the products to make sure people can see the labels. My favorite product there is the Trader Joe-Joe’s. They’re like Oreo cookies, and I like the peppermint ones at Christmas!" exclaims Eric.


What does a YEI! Guy like about working at Fann Contracting?
"I like the camaraderie, to be able to talk to the co-workers and help them out if need be. Like engine work, I’ll sometimes do that, and come home black and dirty, but I love it. I absolutely love that job. That job is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I’ve been there 16 years… a long time!" says Eric.


What work do you do at Yavapai Exceptional Industries (YEI!)?
"I build gun parts for Ruger. I’ve been here 17 years… a lonnnng time! I really like it at Ruger. My favorite part is my friends, of course, and Brad… he’s cool! I must say, I’m lucky. Real lucky," remarks Eric.


YEI! creates Employment, Income, Independence and Freedom for Adults with Disabilities

The employment at YEI! provides income for adults like Eric, meaning they can afford their own apartment. This translates to freedom and independence for Eric and his roommate. Best of all, this means no federal intrusion - complete independent living!  "I like my apartment a lot and my roommate is a real good guy."


I'm Just Blessed

"I’m a blessed kid. There are a lot of people in this world who don’t have jobs, don’t have money, don’t have clothes, shoes, cars. There are many problems in this world, and I’m just blessed to be alive and to do the things I’ve done. You know, not very many people can say that. Blessed, I’m really blessed," smiles Eric.


They Are All Friends
Rod Wilkins, YEI alumni and Fann Contracting Technician/employee/associate tells us that he asked Eric one day who his best friend at YEI! would be, and Eric shook his head and looked at Rod like he had three heads, and said, “They’re all my friends at YEI!.”


Fann Contracting and the Magic Hat Trick
Yavapai Exceptional Industries enjoys the support of Fann Contracting which performs the magic hat trick when it comes to all-around support. How do they do it?


1) Fann Contracting hires YEI! guys;

2) They buy products from YEI! like survey stakes and lathes used on construction projects;

3) Fann employees contribute heavily through the FEMAD program founded by Mike Fann. FEMAD is an employee payroll deduction / match program that supports YEI! Let’s hear it for Fann Contracting!


Yavapai Exceptional Industries (YEI!) is a charitable, 501-C-3 organization founded in 1974 to support adults with disabilities. YEI! has been providing job training, employment, volunteer placements, and support services for these developmentally disabled adult residents of the cities and towns of the Central Highlands. Their program of “Developmental Employment” includes the award-winning “Community Contribution Corps” (community volunteer placements). The mission of Prescott Charities, Inc., founded in 1984 by Russ Rusing, is to provide “Security, Shelter and Charity” for 501-C-3 organizations in Yavapai County.
If you would like to know more about how to become involved with YEI!, or how to utilize their crews for tasks that would benefit your industry or organization, visit . Be a part of the solution and make a difference in the every day lives of those who are supported by the efforts of YEI! and its extended community within Arizona and beyond.
FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT 928-445-0991 or go to their website at: