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Making Technology Work for You

29 February 2016   Kristina Abbey | Computime | Partner Content
Tips and Tricks in Your Technology Use

Once upon a time we had one phone, no constant emails, texts, and reminders popping up. Social media didn’t exist and people stopped for regular conversation. Now in today’s world we have cell phones, tablets, laptop computers and all kinds of technology all designed to make our lives easier and to feel more connected.

Conversations, texting, emails, paperwork on your desk and computer desktop, for the employee and the home user this is often the norm. Day-to-day interruptions and distractions can make it hard to keep organized and focused to remain productive. We all have our ways to make our lives easier, little systems we put in place to help keep our focus on the task at hand. Here are some extra tips to transform your day into a more relaxed, productive, and fun environment!

Distraction Elimination

Electronics are great, programs with calendar reminders, email and text notifications, instant message, and social media notices all of which are useful to have. However, sometimes all those great features can have a downside…distractions. When working on a project, those reminders and notifications can break concentration making it difficult to effectively complete the task at hand. Consider turning off some of those alerts, especially the audible reminders. Consider which alerts are necessary and which are just distractions. Are the social media notifications or email alerts necessary or can those be disabled? Perhaps consider turning them off temporarily or silencing your cell phone while concentrating on a particular activity. Sometimes just taking a little action to remove distractions can make a big difference when focusing on an important task.

Schedule Time

Now we’ve talked about how reminders can be a distraction, those same reminders can also be an aid. Do you have to meet with another person to accomplish an important task? Use reminders to schedule a meeting with that person. Microsoft Outlook, for example, has a great calendar feature in which you can schedule a meeting and invite specific attendees. By creating an invite, not only does it put the appointment on your calendar but also on the calendar of the other invites. This useful feature helps keep everyone in communication and on time for any meetings. Perhaps instead of meeting with another person, you simply need to carve out some time to focus on a task, schedule yourself an appointment using the outlook reminder and be sure to use that specific time you’ve set aside just to focus on that one task you need to complete.

Take a Break

I have work to do, but I’m going to take a ten minute break. Sounds counterintuitive right? Sometimes taking a break from a task you are working on is a good idea. In fact, studies show the most you can concentrate is about 90 minutes, so take a break. Step away from that project and maybe check your email. Maybe take a little time to check your social media spots or industry news. Just a little time to get your mind off the project you have been working on can make a difference. Of course, it never hurts to take a short break altogether and just step away from your computer for a few minutes. After you give yourself a break, you can come back refreshed and ready to make some progress!

Practice Practice

New operating systems, new programs, new formats, it seems technology is always changing and we have to change with it. Like with anything new, it takes practice to understand how to use anything that is new. For anything that is new to you, take some time each day to practice on that item. If using social media is a new facet, give yourself ten minutes each day to practice using those sites. Consistent use of technology will help you get the hang of how to operate that program. Using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint? YouTube is a great source of how-to videos. Just do a search of what you are looking to do and bingo, you’ve learned a new technique.

Social Media

Social Media is a great way to use technology to market yourself or your business but it can be tricky to manage these platforms. Allow yourself time to learn the different types of media and how to utilize them effectively. Taking time to post on a regular basis is important to get your name in front of others. Remember to be patient and diligent, while social media is useful in marketing yourself, it will take time for your numbers to climb. Keep posting and tweeting but try to remain focused. When going into social media it is easy to get pulled in and not so easy to log off. Set a time limit and get into the sites on a regular basis to keep up with comments, complaints, and compliments from customers and remember…always keep it professional.

CompuTime wants to help you stay successful and efficient in your day-to-day technology activities. Offering home teaching services, our technicians can sit down with you in the comfort of your home and show you the ropes of efficiently using your computer. Keep an eye out for future articles on technologies tips and how-to’s and of course, we are here as a local business to help with all your technology needs.


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