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Arizona Tribal Owned Casinos Bet on the Millennial Market

16 March 2016   Khyle Dignan

Arizona tribes hope that millennials go for gambling in a big way. 

By far the hardest market to predict the trends of are the millennials, as no businessman really understands how they work. Trying to find the next big thing for this market has left many out of pockets and a select few wealthier than their wildest dreams. Arizona tribal casinos are attempting to make casino gambling that next fad, but could it be as successful as hover boards?

The core audience of the millennial is aged 18 to 30 with disposable income, which is the ideal clientele for most casinos. This is coincidently the market that’s the hardest to pin down, as they’re always searching for another trend to jump on. They’re a transient market that can make something hugely popular for a period of time, whether it’s for a few hours or a few years. Arizona casinos are headed up in profits but they want to sustain that growth with this new market of gamblers. 

One of the things that these casinos heavily associate with this market is the use of social media, they want to check in, tweet and broadcast their trip. This goes directly against the policy of most casinos and for some the surroundings aren’t all that aspirational. The first step in this revival is the makeover of many casinos in the area, as they become places people would want to be pictured in. This is a far cry from the way many think of casinos, which can be associated with cigarette burned carpets and tasteless décor. 


The reliance of the millennial on the internet is also one of the great challenges that casinos must compete with. Slot games make up as much as 65% of the revenue of a casino and the overheads are minimal when compared to table games that require a croupier. Almost every online gambling site offers slot games in some form, even bingo sites like those on usually have a special section of these games. This is a huge competitor for casinos, as they can’t offer the same flexibility as betting on slot games at home or on a mobile device. 

To change land based slot games and make them more appealing is no mean feat but there are already some making steps in the right direction. By focusing in on video game like mechanics, the creators of these slot games are attempting to make them more in the wheelhouse of the millennial. These are people that have been exposed to online gaming and video games for most of their lives and they have an innate feel for them. 



The party lifestyle is also a factor when it comes to revamping the casino image, as they now want to seem like major destinations. Instead of being centred on gaming they now boast DJs and even pools. The crux of this plan is that they can’t play casino games while dancing or bathing but pulling large numbers into the casino ensures that enough of them will convert into gamers. The social aspect of the casino is now a draw for these players, as they can party and drink before trying their luck on the games.


The money these younger players spend on club nights and holidays has not gone unnoticed by industry experts. They’re backing this new social experience as the plan that will get the 60% of adults under 35 that haven’t been in a casino in a year right back to the tables. If it pays off, it will do so big time but if it doesn’t it will have been a costly lesson on the psyche of these younger visitors.