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The Evolution of a Leading CPA Firm in Prescott

23 September 2016  
Training Locals for Growth
Stephen Crandall is a local business owner and family man. His company SC Audit & Accounting Solutions, LLC., is a registered CPA firm in the State of Arizona.
Crandall grew up in the Prescott area, went to middle school and high school here and also obtained his Associates degree at Yavapai College.  Eventually he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in accounting locally at Old Dominion University - Yavapai College distance campus in 2007.
After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree, he searched the Prescott and Prescott Valley area for an accounting job. Originally, he didn’t think finding a position would be difficult, but soon after visiting almost fifteen accounting firms, no one hired Crandall. Most said they were not hiring and the few that were, said they were not set up to provide training and compensation for first year accountants; they only hired experienced professionals.
With few choices remaining, he made a common move among high-schoolers and college students; he moved to the big city where he found an entry level accounting position with a well-known AZ CPA firm located in downtown Phoenix. With this firm, he audited local governments, non-profit organizations, and privately held-companies while also preparing tax returns. He spent more than five years with this firm and subsequently took a position with a BIG 4 CPA firm PwC. His experience at PwC taught him a great deal about big business, diversity, and company culture.
Eventually, he figured he had enough experience and determination to start his own firm. "I had always wanted to start a business in my hometown, so I moved my family (Wife and 3 kids) back to Prescott and started my company in March of 2014.  I started with almost no capital and no clients. This was very risky but, I was confident I could succeed. Plus, I had just quit my job, so I really had no choice.  Fortunately, my forecasts for early success turned out to be accurate, and my company hired 3 part-time employees and turned a profit in year one." stated Crandall.
In the second year, his business revenues continued to grow quickly. Additionally, he had developed a niche in recruiting, hiring, and training local college graduates and new professionals. In two short years, he employed a staff of 6. 
Crandall and his firm are now approaching their fourth year and his business practices have produced rapid growth.  Crandall mentions that the majority of their business comes from local referrals, but also mentioned his firm had acquired more than one accounting practice this year.  “I’m very fortunate. We have very talented people in our local area.  Many just need someone willing to share their experiences and teach them how to grow as professionals." stated Crandall.
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