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Time to Rethink Your Business? Reinvent – Rejuvenate!

01 November 2016   Ginni Trask
BloomTree Realty located at 102 W Gurley St in downtown Prescott

Three Area Businesses, Three Inventive Approaches, Three Successful Results

Superlative Professional Plaza began life as a salon and day spa. The Prescott market, over the last few years, has seen an influx of several spa and cosmetology businesses. Martin Anthony, a licensed cosmetologist and entrepreneur, decided that it was important at this point to look at alternative business ventures. However, as the owner of the building at 212 S. Montezuma, just closing the doors wasn’t an option. Additionally, he understood that the beauty business is traditionally unstable with service providers often moving from one location to another, taking their clientele with them. After a keen look at his building and possible profitable opportunities he determined that it was time to re-purpose his building.

The building, with almost 5000 square feet of space only steps off the Courthouse Square, and a designer look interior, has now been re-envisioned as a professional office space. Among the mix of professionals now occupying Superlative Professional Plaza are a dermatologist, architects, financial planner, landscape designer and mortgage brokers.

Superlative Professional Plaza is located at 212 S Montezuma St in downtown Prescott

Anthony changed the name, retaining the word Superlative for branding purposes, changed the signage and has converted the spaces from shampoo bowls and mirrors, massage tables and saunas to desirable, well-appointed offices.

The building now has a conference room available to tenants for meetings. A large WIFI TV screen provides complete visuals for power point and other presentations. The many amenities that have been upgraded include WiFi throughout, a keyless door entry system, private mailboxes, marquee signage, a full kitchen, handicap parking as well as handicap access bathrooms, and an upscale lobby. The elegant atmosphere invites and delights and offers a productive and enjoyable place to conduct business for both current and future tenants.

In 2014 BloomTree Reality, a local Arizona real estate company, rose from the ashes of the real estate crisis and launched as an independent company. Many of the realtors affiliated with BloomTree had been previously associated with Nextage, a national franchise.

Owners of the Nextage Franchise, Nick Malouff and Raymond Zogob, who have been involved with many real estate models in the past, decided the real estate industry was ripe for positive change.

Malouff had a passion to turn the “every man for himself” mindset into one of collaboration and community where the company functions by leveraging the talent and collective resources of its agents. “BloomTree was formed to harness this collaborative power in everything it does from its compensation system, training, use of technology and even to giving back to the community on every transaction it closes” stated Malouff. “We are stronger together which goes counter to how most of the industry operates.”

Raymond Zogob, also a commercial realtor, explained that as they formed BloomTree they, “discarded policies that centered on raising fees to generate income and that did not support the consumer. We incorporated proprietary training based on building relationships, implemented technology and added extensive support so our agents could work synergistically to achieve the companies’ mission to serve clients at the highest and best level possible.” The focus at BloomTree is to integrate both short and long term sustainability for agents, clients and the community within which they work.

Nearing two years of this new business model, BloomTree Realty has seen the impact of providing these expanded services to their agents and clients. Today they rank number one in the local market, have more than 130 agents, have a Phoenix-based office and are adding offices in Prescott Valley and Cottonwood.

Diane Clarke, in a business partnership with Jason Orifice, is a visionary that sees potential in neglected, rundown buildings. Clarke’s passion is to restore life, beauty and purpose to structures that have deteriorated. Recently they purchased the properties at 220 through 228 S. Montezuma. At one time this was a thriving business area with a laundry, car dealership and many other successful businesses. Clarke says that they have a 5 to 10 year plan to, “Bring back to beautiful this stately area of downtown Prescott.” They plan to work around the existing businesses, Softech Computers and A & E Reprographics, while slowly bringing in new businesses like Jordan Vixie Photography Studio and Hometown Brewing Company.

Both Clarke and Orifice had done renovations, usually on residential properties, but they were introduced by a mutual friend and when the opportunity to purchase this group of buildings arose, they decided to join forces and bring back the elegance and functionality.

Among Clarke’s various talents she has rehabbed a 43 foot sundeck trawler, and has tackled many projects restoring and reviving residential properties. Clarke grew up in a construction family and is not intimidated by structural neglect as long as the building has good bones. Orifice, among his many abilities, has worked as a Hollywood set designer.

Is it time to rethink your business? Don’t be afraid to reinvent and breathe new life into your enterprise. Follow the examples of Anthony, Zogob and Clarke and envision new and exciting opportunities.

Anthony advises, "Never be afraid to review what you have and what you are doing and see if it needs tweaking in order to grow." He adds, "This also re stimulates you as your business takes on new form." Be objective. And don't be afraid of change as change is inevitable!”