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The KIA is a Killer

07 April 2017  

We Just Bought a KIA Niro and Didn’t Expect What We Found

If you weren’t aware of the KIA dealership in Prescott Valley, located up on the hill off of Sun Dog Ranch Road, you’ll certainly be hearing more about it. Reason? KIA is starting to make a huge dent in the auto market, especially with their newest hybrid, the KIA Niro. How do we know? Because this author and his partner just bought a KIA Niro, and it is both a game changer as well as the new Prius killer.

After owning both an Acura MDX, a $60,000+ car new, and a Lexus RX350, $50,000+ new, my partner and I were ready to get into a hybrid vehicle. Our primary criteria were:

  • Fuel economy (gas mileage)
  • Safety
  • Reliability and warranty
  • Purchase Price - affordability
  • Fit and finish (inside and out) - styling

The 2017 Kia Niro Officially Received a Guinness World Record® Title for the Lowest Fuel Consumption Driving (Hybrid) Across the USA From Coast to Coast

So, right out of the gate, we test drove the Toyota Prius, of course, because everyone is familiar with Toyota quality and the success of the Prius. And since we were on a Toyota lot, we also checked out the Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid. At the time of checking out both of these high mileage Toyotas, we were leaning towards the RAV 4 Hybrid. We then also checked out some high mileage Hondas on another lot.

Finally, we checked out the KIA brand, visiting the Earnhardt Liberty KIA dealership in Prescott Valley. Quite frankly, I was blown away with the fit and finish of all the KIA models. It was obvious to us that KIA, as an automotive brand, has come a very long way. And then I saw it, the KIA Niro Touring Edition, and it blew us away. “This is a hybrid?”, we asked each other.

The KIA Niro wasn’t boxy and angular like the Prius. The Niro looked more like a Porsche or Audi. And the interior, again, is reminiscent of a German make - simple, clean, and very high tech. I jokingly said to my spouse while sitting inside the vehicle, gazing at the incredibly sophisticated yet easy to navigate dashboard, “This NIRO has even more buttons that you!”

Suffice to say, I had the same sentiment when I sat in all their models, including the KIA Soul and Sportage to name a couple in their lineup. Impressive.

The KIA Niro’s price beat the Prius and RAV 4 that we looked at, moreover the warranty is unbeatable with 10 years/100,000 miles - a no brainer. What we love best: 43 mpg city and 40 hwy. Note that the Touring package, which is what we purchased, gets around 10 mpg less than the other Niro models (50+ mpg city), but after getting between 15-22 mpg in the Lexus RX350 with all wheel drive, 43 mpg city in the Niro was a very welcome benefit. (Check out the world record video in this article, their lighter NIRO models get unbelievable gas mileage). Our guess is the price on these is going to climb as demand increases with brand notoriety and increase in fuel prices. Maybe time to look at a KIA?

Special thanks to both Bob and Chuck at Earnhardt Liberty Kia for their help in finding the paint scheme and interior finish we wanted. It took some searching because these things are already in high demand. Luckily, since the Earnhardt Liberty Kia dealership in Prescott Valley is a part of the larger family of Earnhardt dealerships throughout the state, they were able to leverage their multiple inventories to find what we needed and had the car shipped up the next day.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about the KIA dealership in Prescott Valley. You’ll also be seeing a lot more KIA’s on the road. If you see a dark gray KIA Niro on the road in Prescott or Prescott Valley with the AZ plate “NIROTC”, that’s us! We are crazy about the Niro!


If you visit, ask for “Big Bob” or “Chuck the Boss” and tell them that “NIROTC” (Nirotic) sent you!

Earnhardt Liberty KIA is located at:
5600 East Market Street
Prescott Valley, AZ. 86341

Guy Roginson

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