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Staying Cool with Technology

27 July 2017   CompuTime and Kristina Abbey

You can stay cooler with the newest technology.

Summertime is here, and with it plenty of hot weather. To survive the heat we hold up indoors, crank up the AC and lay low. For the outdoors activities, many head to the pool, chilling in the cool waters or basking in the sun to grab a few rays for the perfect tan. Whether braving the outdoors, or hunkering down inside there is one common goal, finding ways to stay cool in the blistering heat of summer.

As a technology company, CompuTime knows all about the importance of keeping cool, and we love all the great high tech ways available to keep cool. As an added bonus, many of these high tech gadgets can are great ways to keep the electric bill a bit lower.

Cool Sleeping

Sleeping when you are warm is hard to do. Instead of the blissful slumber you were hoping for, you spend the night tossing and turning, ending up with your sheets in a pile on the floor and you’re lying in a puddle of sweat. Ick, we know, that is not the best feeling in the world and most of us have experienced that type of situation. 

Now consider this, a bed that stays cool, or how about a pillow that stays cool? Guess what? They exist. There is a high tech pillow that exists that stays cool through water circulation. The high tech mattress, same thing, using a water circulation system that keeps the bed at a cool 60 degrees F. Don’t want to replace the bed? No worries, there’s a mattress pad that also uses a water circulation system that cools or warms your bed so you can get just the right temperature whenever you need. How cool is that?

Smart Air Conditioners

Many of us are familiar with the smart thermostat, in fact, most who are familiar with smart thermostats have heard of Nest. For those who don’t know, Nest is a smart thermostat, geared for central air conditioners. Nest has programmable modes and can be controlled by a smart phone app. What many don’t know is there are more options for just about every type of AC.

Don’t have central AC? That’s okay, there’s an AC that comes as a window unit, it plugs into Wi-Fi and can be controlled by a smartphone app. No need to leave the unit running all day, just log into the app on your phone and turn the AC on before you head home. Precooled home just for you.

If you have an existing window AC, or other types of portable AC units there are also devices that you can plug your AC into turning it into a smart AC. This way you can use your phone app to control your portable or window units without buying a whole new unit. What cool technology!

Outdoor Cooling

It’s a lot of fun to be outside in the summer either barbequing or hanging at the pool. You can turn that outdoor time into time spent a little more high tech.

Stay cool in the pool and keep the entertainment fresh with a waterproof floating speaker. These bad boys are equipped with Bluetooth so you can play your favorite playlist without endangering your more water sensitive electronics. 

Sitting in the pool not your thing? No worries. Keep yourself and your drink cool with a cooler designed to do both. The Icy Cold Cooler is not your typical cooler. It keeps your drinks cold but also circulates cold water and blows chilled, dry air out of a vent.

Whatever your method to stay cool when outdoors, both of these techy gadgets are a great way to chill out! 

Other High Tech Coolness

Of course there are several other ways to stay cool using tech without spending a ton of money, plus some of these can keep your electric bills down too.

Close the Blinds: This may seem like a fairly common solution, keep the blinds closed and keep the sun (and heat) out during those hot sunny days. Problem is, many don’t want to live in the dark and leaving the blinds closed all day leaves you feeling like you’re living in a cave. Solution? Smart Blinds! These great gadgets can operate remotely using Bluetooth, you can close and open the blinds without even being in the house! Some brands even have smart features that can be programmed to open and close at set times. Others have solar panel options, no need to plug in the blinds or remember to replace the batteries, the sun you’re trying to block is what powers the blinds!

High Tech Fans: The high tech fan is here. These fans have built-in sensors to adjust the fan speed based on room temperature, humidity, and occupancy. These fans also use a phone app or voice command via Alexa to control the fan speeds. Of course there is the high tech-low tech option too. If you have a regular fan and want to power it on remotely, use a smart plug which will allow you to power on a fan without even being home!

Needless to say, we’re big fans of this technology.

As always, CompuTime, a locally owned and operated company is here to help you in your technology needs. Perhaps we don’t specialize in keeping your home cool. However, as computer techs, we can help you make sure your computers stay running well without overheating. So as the summer continues to progress, remember stay cool!