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The Christmas Tree Search

13 December 2017   Ashlee Mortimer

Christmas tree traditions.

Growing up on a ranch is something I wouldn’t trade for anything. I think a lot about why this is - why I am so in love with the life that I am able to have. Times upon times come to mind – times where my love for the land, my love for growing crops, my love for cattle, and my love for farming and ranching grew and flourished.

Before my family opened Mortimer Farms we owned and operated a nursery in Prescott and a cattle ranch in Dewey – both still huge parts of our lives. All four of us kids - Hayden, Kayla, Kolten, and I were greatly involved in both business. I learned to drive before I could reach the peddles, I learned to care for cattle and ride horses before I could read, I was taught every plant name and even a few facts about each at a very young.

It seems that no matter the topic I have some sort of story to connect it to my upbringing and the farm, ranch, or nursery. Christmas is no different!!

Growing up we had a Christmas tree family tradition. We would all bundle up in our warmest clothes right before sunset and pile on a Mule. The Mule was able to fit 3 adult people – how we ever managed getting all six of us and all the dogs in the Mule still is a mystery to me. All I know is the sibling fights that usually go “Mom, he’s touching me”, “Dad, she’s breathing on me”, or even “they are on my side of the line” were nonexistent. It was so dang cold that touching, breathing, and smashing were encouraged and the only way to stay warm. We rode in the mule – smashed tighter than sardines in search of the most perfect Christmas tree. It is these times that seem to resonate in my being! It is times like these that I look back on when I think of my awesome childhood, and my family that I love ever so much!

This tradition we had – the search for the Christmas tree that would almost always be centimeters away from being too big to stand up in our home – is a tradition that we wish to pass onto families in our community. Mortimers has just the family experience and tradition for you and your family – the most perfect Christmas tree picking out time that can ever be had. A time filled with farm fresh Christmas trees, hot cocoa, baked goods, heavenly music, fire pits, s’mores, and wholesome family fun! Come see us at #MortimerFarms and #MortimerNursery! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your gang!​