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Workforce Development Partnerships

20 September 2018   Leah Cickavage

Development of Sector Strategies is a primary focus.

The Yavapai County Workforce Development Board’s mission is to build economic success through workforce development partnerships. In our 5 year plan; development of Sector Strategies has been a primary focus.Sector Strategies is a comprehensive approach to identifying and responding to the broad needs of an industry within a geographical area.It identifies planning long term strategies for the economic growth and development of an industry within an area over time.The process consists of strategies, goals, plans of action, policies, and service delivery strategies which is continuously re-examined to meet the needs of employers and industry leaders.These strategies provide framework for addressing local skill gaps and engaging industry in education and training development. Industry planning in alignment with local labor market needs for in-demand sectors and occupations are valuable information for future action planning for the industry.

While NACOG/ARIZONA@WORK-Yavapai County will facilitate the sector strategy process for each identified industry in the area, it is the private sector that takes the lead to identify specific strategies that lead to economic growth. Other key community members may join the process as needed to act as resource groups that can respond to common issues. Such groups can include business organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, education/training organizations, or other potential partners such as suppliers of critical materials.

In Yavapai County, our targeted sector is manufacturing. Our 2018 Yavapai County Manufacturing Survey revealed the following data points:

Manufacturing continues to be an in-demand career pathway in Yavapai County.

83% of manufacturing employers noted an increase in employment growth, 67% anticipate hiring more than 10 inpiduals within a 12 month period. Over 68% of these employers surveyed indicated that they utilize NACOG for their workforce needs, with a 98% success rate. If you are interested in training or placement in manufacturing or if you are an employer needing workforce assistance, please call 928-778-1422 or visit, and Facebook YAVAPAIATWORK for more information.