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Advertiser's Profile: Andy Tobin 2010

10 June 2010   Allison Flannery

Ever wonder about Representative Tobin's background? Well, here's a brief profile of where he's been and what he's hoping to do.

tobinfamilyName:  TOBIN 2010

Owned by:  TOBIN 2010 Campaign - Arizona House of Representatives  District 1

Contact Person: Andy Tobin    

Address:  P.O. Box 28035, Prescott Valley, AZ  86312

Phone:  928-710-2352


How long you’ve been in business: Andy has spent 3 ½ Years serving as Arizona State Representative. He is the current House Majority Whip, serving on the Banking and Insurance Committee, as well as the Rules Committee. Andy was the National President of US JAYCEES in 1988 (United States Junior Chamber of Commerce). Andy has lived & worked in Arizona since 1979.  And since 1995, he has been the owner of TLC Employee Benefits with partner Frank LeClaire.

Services or products you offer:  Andy Tobin has brought forth and championed a variety of needed legislation.  Log on to the campaign website for details:

4 key issues that Andy is focusing on for the next legislative session are:

Balancing Arizona’s Budget: Arizona’s historical budget crisis needed experienced leadership to make tough choices to reduce government spending. Andy Tobin helped lead the way, reducing Arizona state spending by more than 20%, the largest budget reductions in state history. “Government must live within its means, just like Arizona families and Arizona businesses”.

Protecting Arizona’s Borders: While many talk about illegal immigration reform, Andy Tobin has helped lead the way. Passing the toughest employer sanctions and illegal immigration laws in the nation. Protecting our communities and citizens from “open border and sanctuary cities” polices has been one of his top priorities. “The Federal Government continues to fail us, it was time to step up, we did”.

Putting Arizona Back To Work: Jobs must be the top priority. As a small business owner, Andy understands how important a stable economy is to job growth. A growing business will hire more employees. “When more of us are able to work and support our families, our economy will come back. I have worked diligently in the Legislature to create a business-friendly climate. A job growth package complete with tax restructure and regulatory reform is needed now”.

Defending States Rights: The Federal Government has overreached its authority by forcing a national healthcare mandate on states. Andy Tobin took the lead and helped authorize Arizona to file a law suit against the federal government to repeal this over reach of Federal Authority. “It’s time to push back!” And we did. This fall all Arizona Citizens will be able to vote to protect our rights and not allow the Federal Government to force their healthcare on our citizens. 

OK, now, tell us what you do and what sets you apart:

I voted and supported the nation’s toughest illegal immigration reforms, defended states rights, passed our state’s best ever pro-life, pro-family and second amendment rights agenda in Arizona’s history.  I’m proud to have sponsored bills calling for harsher sentencing and probation guidelines for sex crimes, and for the protection of peace officers.

 We need a return to fiscal sanity, personal responsibility and limited government. I brought forward Arizona’s most proactive business regulation reductions along with a Job Recovery Bill designed to get Arizonans back to work and stimulate our economy. Meanwhile I worked diligently to trim the budget. No other Arizona legislature has reduced government spending more.  

BOLD LEADERSHIP - PROVEN RECORD.  I did what I said I would do. I always have. I always will. It’s not a promise of what I will do, it’s a fact of what I have already done. You have someone you can trust to do what they say and know it’s not a vague promise.    It is now time to grow jobs in Arizona, not Government.   I ask for your vote and hope you will join me in efforts to make Arizona Greater.



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