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Marketing Minute: Periscope Up

11 August 2015  

PERISCOPE UP Taking a Peek at Rising Trends in Social Media and Video Distribution - Periscope, YouNow, and Facebook Mentions


What Is Periscope?

Periscope is a new video streaming app developed by Twitter that is exploding on the social media scene. It is an innovation that lets you explore the world through the eyes of another. In the three months that it has been made available, it has attracted over two million users.



How Does Periscope Work?

Periscope makes it possible for the user to broadcast a live recording to their Periscope and Twitter followers. It is live-streaming in real time, which makes it possible to see something that is happening anywhere in the world. It is interactive, which means that whoever is watching your live-stream video can comment and ask you question while you are broadcasting, making interaction easy. This is also possible on webchat or Google Hangout, but the differece is that it is a mobile app and can be used “on the go.” Since Periscope is owmed by Twitter, it communicates with your Twitter account automatically and appears on your Twitter newsfeed. Users receive a notification when the people you are following start a live broadcast. It also has a replay function that is viable for 24 hours after your broadcast. If you want your broadcast to be private, you can select the people to whom you wish to broadcast, and it will be available only to those you chose. 

eNewsAZ on Periscope

eNewsAZ has been using Periscope for awhile now! You can follow eNewsAZ on Periscope and get notifications when a Live Broadcast is in progress! Our eNewsAZ handle on Twitter and Periscope is @enewsaz .


Where Can I Get Periscope?

The Periscope app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.


YouNow is a interactive live stream video chat that enables the user to broadcast and chat live with people around the world, and its free! It is the first live social network which allows the user to broadcast videos of themselves in real time from anywhere in the world. In addition, you can browse topics to find live broadcasts that interest you and to watch and to meet new people. According to YouNow’s terms of use, “YouNow allows anyone from anywhere to broadcast their live video (via webcam or mobile device), to be viewed by the public, in real time by an online audience, followers and fans.”

Where Can I Get YouNow

The YouNow app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.



Mentions is a Periscope-like app for celebrities only. It provides a way for actors, athletes, musicians and other people of influence to stay in touch with their fans, other celebrities and people of interest. The service allows celebrities to share updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and to receive posts from the people that interest them and to see articles about developing stories around the world. Mentions is availabe to public figures who have been vetted and verified as authentic. 

An annoucement from the company states that among stars which will soon have live broadcasts on Mentions are the Rock, Serena Williams, Martha Stewart and Michael Buble. Those watching the live streaming broadcasts will be able to watch and ask questions of their favorite celebrities in real time. At the end of the broadcast, the video will be archived so that it can be viewed by fans at a later time. Those interacting with the VIP’s will receive a notification when a broadcast starts.

Why is Facebook starting with celebrities? Because its good business sense. According to Facebook “more than 900 million people are connected to actors, athletes, musicians, politicians and other influercers on Facebook.” In other words, celebrities drive an incredible amount to traffic to the site, increasing the amount of time users spend there. This enables the company to produce more ads, plain and simple!



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