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Facebook is Cooking With Gas

05 November 2015  

"Facebook is a fad?"

I still remember sitting in a city tourism conference in 2007, trying to convince the old guard of legacy marketing and print advertising that they had better start paying attention to online advertising and marketing opportunities, especially when it came to destination marketing. Below the breath comments like “Facebook is just a fad” were about as prevalent as chronic cases of arthritis and desiccated disc disease in a room which looked more like a 50-year high school reunion. We can officially announce that Facebook is extraordinarily successful - or, as my friend would say when things are going well, “Cooking with gas!”

Driving 25% of Internet Traffic

Facebook is the No.#1 referrer to websites, recently overtaking Google. It also drives 25% of all traffic on the internet. If that’s not convincing enough, just reported that the Samson of social media had a third quarter that was anything but “fad-like” with a “third-quarter net income of $891 million on revenue of $4.5 billion. Facebook’s revenue has grown by 40% over the same period last year”. Looks like it’s time to take another pain pill Mr. Print.

1.55 Billion-With-A-B

According to, monthly active users grew by 14%, to 1.55 Billion “with-a-B” while daily active users rose by 17% to 1.1 Billion “with-B-again”. Uhh, I wouldn’t mix that pain pill with your regular martini Mr. Print, you may blow out a kidney, or worse - be forced to add a “pay gateway” to your online media site to try to make up for the revenues you’ve been losing. Oh wait, some are already doing that and it still isn’t helping. Ouch, break out the old hot water bottled for the “MadMen malaise”.

It's All About Mobile

As Mobile ADs contributed to 78% of Facebook’s revenue this past quarter, the online giant reported as it has done previously, that the majority of its traffic is mobile. For those of you who STILL have websites that are not optimized for mobile, WAKE UP and drink some espresso - you’re WAAAAAYYYYYY behind and you're going to need a VENTI dose of marketing help to catch up. I’d be remiss to not mention that if still have a website that is not optimized for mobile, that you’re also getting penalized by Google in your search rankings for missing “Mobilegeddon”.

Don’t forget, Facebook has a number of money making APPS, sites like Instagram, and emerging tech companies likeOculus VR which represent even more opportunities for Facebook.  But don’t worry folks, Facebook is just a fad.

You, Too, Can Cook With Gas Online

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