Today: May 30 , 2020

Agency focuses on cybersecurity awareness during National Work and Family Month

Flashback January 23rd to 29th, 2017

Listen to Last Week's News Across The Quad Cities Recapped with FLASHBACK
Marketing Your Business Is an Important Factor to the Success or Failure of Your Business

Adult Lures 15-year-old for Liquor & Sex

15-year-old for Sex – Detectives locate Suspect in Phoenix

What Makes Us Different

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After a Yavapai County resident was arrested for luring teens via Facebook, the question arises, how do parents safeguard their children? 

Facebook is Cooking With Gas

"Facebook is a fad?"

The Law and Social Media

So, just how does law enforcement use social media these days? Social media can be used to solve crimes, locate missing people, gather corroborating information. But, who is helping them? Does it hold up in court? Is your online activity making you safer or a target? 

Marketing Minute: Periscope Up

PERISCOPE UP Taking a Peek at Rising Trends in Social Media and Video Distribution - Periscope, YouNow, and Facebook Mentions