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Child of the Week: Meet Brian

24 August 2008  
Brian is 8 years old and equipped with an academic mind and gentle spirit.

bbbsbrian2.jpg“The Child of the Week” highlights one of our Children who are waiting for a “Big.” So, Bigs, Board Members, Committee Members, Friends and Partners, please forward this story to anyone you think might be interested in helping. Please!

Brian is 8 years old and equipped with an academic mind and gentle spirit. The middle child in his family, he lives with his single mom, older brother and little sister in Chino Valley. Brian yearns to have a consistent man in his life who can help instill confidence and encourage a positive outlook on life despite some of the challenges he faces. How can a boy grow to be a good man, without one to show him how?

Because of his asthma, Brian has been leery of pursuing sports and other physical recreation that sometimes leaves him the odd-one-out. To compensate for his weakness, Brian seeks more academic-related activities such as reading. In fact, Brian won second place in a reading competition in his second grade class. He is especially fond of “The Magic Tree House” series, which involves fantasy and adventure storylines. In addition to reading, Brian enjoys discussing the details of the stories he reads. Brian is also interested in art and perhaps learning how to play the violin.

When Brian grows up, he would like to be a doctor because he wants to help people. His mom says that is a part of his character, as he is a good help to her at home. Brian claims to be especially good at sweeping the floor and caring for the family kitten suitably named “Kitty.”

Like other kids, Brian likes to game on his Playstation, watch cartoons (his favorite is “Tom & Jerry”), ride his bike, swim and make up games to play with his neighborhood friends. Brian would like a Big Brother to take him on field trips to different area landmarks. He would also like to go to the zoo, camp out in the woods and fish. In short, Brian doesn’t have many demands for a Big; he’s just eager to have a mature, true friend.

You don’t have to change your life to change his. You can include him in almost any activity you already have planned – he is eager to share his life with someone just like you. Please call 778-5135 and see if you are right for this child – or any of the 125 other children seeking a Big Brother or Big Sister.

Courtesy Megan Hollingsworth/Big Brothers Big Sisters