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The Yavapai Humane Society (YHS) barks in 2014 with an Adoption Extravaganza.

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A Miracle for Mady

How Meko made it Home for the Holidays 

In July 2012, seven year-old Mady lost her best fur friend, Meko, when he was stolen during a family vacation in Parker, AZ. With heavy hearts, Mady's family headed home to California. They were devastated to lose their Meko.

16 months later and more than 375 miles away, Meko was found wandering along the side of a busy highway in Prescott, AZ. When he was brought into the Yavapai Humane Society (YHS) the staff was not prepared for just how lost Meko had been. After a microchip scan, some intensive research and a few phone calls later Mady’s father, James, was on his way to Prescott to bring Meko home. The long drive was fueled by his desire to bring some joy to his family, but especially for Mady.

Meko's homecoming was the best news this family had received since May of 2013 when Mady was diagnosed with brain cancer. The YHS staff  hopes that there are more miracles in store for Mady and her family, and that this holiday season will be a time for this family to reflect upon the meaning of Meko’s return for one very tough little girl.

The Yavapai Humane Society reunites 30% of lost animals with their families. The national average is 15%.

Right now, we’re looking into the eyes of hundreds of animals of every shape and size who would just love to go home for the holidays. So please encourage others to adopt a new best friend!

Happy Holidays from the most
grateful dogs and cats in town!

Remember that local humane societies are NOT related to their national counterpart and donations to the Humane Society of the United States do not "tickle down" to the local level. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to Yavapai Humane Society. 

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