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Fire in Dumpster at Airport

14 April 2016   Conrad Jackson

Dumpster Fire on the Airport

Around 11:30 Thursday morning the air traffic control tower spotted a fire which appeared to be on the airport grounds but was unable to determine the nature of the fire from their vantage.  The Prescott Fire Department’s aircraft firefighting apparatus (Foam 73) with its one engineer and the two-person Rescue Unit (R73) responded in addition to Engine 74 and Central Yavapai Fire’s Engine 51.  Foam 73 was the first to reach the fire and found a large 20-foot construction dumpster fully engulfed with fire. Sitting adjacent to the dumpster were a construction site conex box and job site trailer.  The dumpster was located near the Bottleneck hangars on the northeastern end of the airport.   

Foam 73 was positioned next to the trailer and was able to provide protection to the structures by pushing back the fire while waiting for Engines 74 and 51 to arrive.  Engine 74 was able to connect to a nearby hydrant and bring an adequate water supply and hoselines into the scene to fight the fire.  At this point Foam 73 was released so it could refill its water tank and resume its role in protecting flights.  Engine 51 arrived and assisted with overhauling the dumpster to eliminate any remaining hot spots.  No contents within the conex were damaged and the job trailer was also protected.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.