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Prescott Airport Users Association Launches New Website

18 April 2016  

PAUA’s Site to Help Bring Major Aviation Event to KPRC

Prescott, AZ., April 2015 - The Prescott Airport Users Association (PAUA) recently launched their new website ( The PAUA is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to promoting the unique aspects of the Prescott Municipal Airport (KPRC) while also protecting and preserving aviation’s place in the Prescott region. Currently, the PAUA has over 165 active members and their membership is expected to grow as the new website will be able to facilitate new member sign-ups and membership renewals as well as create an enhanced online presence and communications effort within the Prescott region.

PAUA Membership Responsible for Upcoming AOPA Fly-In

Members of the PAUA are directly responsible for the upcoming 2016 AOPA-Prescott Airport Fly-in, taking place September 30 - October 01. The event is expected to attract 300-500 aircraft from the southwest region while injecting $350,000 - $500,000 into the local economy in one weekend. The AOPA holds four fly-ins around the country each year and pays for all expenses to hold these regional events - meaning Prescott won’t have to spend any money for an event which will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for the local economy as well as provide national exposure for the Prescott tourism industry.

Specialized Publishing and are proud support the PAUA through the donation of the new PAUA website. The Prescott Municipal Airport, its users, businesses and world class training institutions comprise one of the most unique aviation communities in the United States. If we can start coordinating the efforts of the airport users, on-airport businesses, and schools with the efforts of the city, we are certain the millions of dollars in revenues currently being generated by the airport could be dramatically enhanced. We feel the Prescott aviation community is one of the most important communities in our city. This is why we have even created an “aviation community” section on

As the PAUA website develops further, we look forward to working with Prescott’s aviation community to improve communications with the region and the City of Prescott. The 2016 AOPA-Prescott Airport Fly-in will be an ideal take-off point for the airport and the city to truly begin working together to promote and develop the incredible assets of the Prescott Airport,” says Guy Roginson, Co-Publisher, Specialized Publishing - ENewsAZ.