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The B-17G Inspires Young and Old at Prescott Airport

05 February 2017  

It’s a flying piece of history. And it’s here in Prescott, Arizona for just one more day. 

Young and old stood in line waiting to get inside the B-17G bomber on display at the Prescott Airport on Saturday afternoon. Hundreds of people were there to see the plane that was such a huge factor in WWII. 



There aren’t many B-17 Flying Fortress planes left today - most have been scrapped and left as a relic of the past. But when they received a B-17G as a donation, the Experimental Aircraft Association invested time and money to fully restore it with loving care. 
Now, the EAA brings this glimpse of flying history to airports around the country, considering it to be a tribute to to the men and women of WWII, who built and served on the heavy bombers in the 1940s. 



At 72 years old, it's practically a flying museum!

Trivia you may not know:

  •  Jimmy Stewart flew B-17s and B-24s.
  • Clark Gable was a B-17 gunner
  • The cabin of the B-17 was not pressurized. Those aboard wore special suits that could be plugged in to keep them war. And the crew had to bring oxygen for breathing. 
  • Most of the bombing missions were flown during the daylight hours. 
  • The wheels had very squeaky brakes. 
  • The planes were produced by Boeing, Lockheed-Vega and Douglas. 
  • After WWII ended, most B-17s were scrapped in Kingman, Arizona

Besides ground tours, you can also book a flight (space permitting). Flights are available from 10 AM-1PM.

The plane is located at Legend Aviation

Lynne LaMaster

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