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Weekly Countdown to 10K Enplanements: Now at 7500

02 December 2018  

Weekly countdown to 10,000 enplanements in 2018!

PRESCOTT, AZ (November 30, 2018) – Prescott Regional Airport will begin providing  weekly updates on recent enplanements, and provide predictions for the next milestone (8k, 9k, 10k) based on the current data.  These weekly updates will be released on Fridays in December.

Here is an update for this week:

Recent Performance

  • Week of Thanksgiving (November 18-24) we had 578 passengers board (enplanements) on 13 flights.  This equates to an 88.9% load factor, meaning almost 90% of all available seats were filled.

• This week (November 25-30) we had 472 passengers board (enplanements) on 12 flights equating to a 78.7% load factor.

Historical Data and Predictions

• As of November 30 we have had a little over 7,500 enplanements,

• At current booking levels, we should achieve the 8K milestone on Friday, December 7

In other news;  Saturday December 01st starts non-stop service to Los Angeles on Saturdays!  Great fares are still available for select travel days in December. To book your flight visit United.com or on the United app on your smartphone.  Select airport code PRC for Prescott.

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