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Opinion: We Are Fortunate to Live in Prescott

01 June 2019   Mayor Greg Mengarelli

Summer Is Always Thrilling in Prescott

We are fortunate. Prescott is bustling right now with all of the summer activities. Prescottonians live in a city rich in art, culture, history, beauty, and a friendly atmosphere. One can hardly drive by the Courthouse Plaza without seeing folks of all ages walking, talking, laughing, connecting, and enjoying the sites and local businesses. We consider the Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza to be part of the heartbeat of this great city, and something unlike any other Arizona town. In fact, Expedia Viewfinder named Prescott One of the Coolest Downtowns In North America .

We are fortunate. There are so many things to do in Prescott! Some of the most popular outdoor activities include: hiking, shopping, mountain biking, boating, canoeing, golfing, rock climbing, swimming, sun bathing, and horseback riding. The beautiful topography and ever-changing foliage creates a beautiful backdrop for camping, RVing, viewing of wildlife, photography, bird watching, and relaxing. The cooler weather brings those from the Valley flocking to our higher elevations to enjoy our mild climate.

We are fortunate. Prescott is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Arizona. Its rich history, echoes of the wild west, delightful dining and hospitality, and varied offerings contribute to the delight and satisfaction of our tourists. In fact, a recent study by the Arizona Hospitality Research and Resource Center at NAU uncovered that visitors ranked their “Satisfaction Level” of their trip through Prescott at 90 percent – a truly outstanding number! The travel industry is booming in Prescott and the millions of dollars spent by these visitors add depth, both directly and indirectly, to our fiscal landscape.

We are fortunate. As a father of nine, my wife and I are thrilled that our children have so many options in the summer. They have a plethora of wonderful summer offerings from which to choose put on by various schools, theaters, athletic organizations, churches, and groups.

We are fortunate to have one another. Despite varying political perspectives, religious practices, personality types, educational backgrounds, socioeconomic histories, gender and cultural differences, we are fortunate to have one another in this town. We make each other stronger. We ban together to celebrate the town we love. We see one another at parades, festivals, school programs, theater events, and town council meetings, and despite those differences, we practice kindness and civility. We enjoy all that Prescott has to offer and are thankful we live in this city.

We are fortunate. We are Prescott.

Enjoy the summer! For more information on any upcoming happenings, please go to: visit-prescott. com and prescottaz.gov for dates and details.



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