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Red Flags to Help Spot Fake Job Websites

15 September 2010   Mary Hawkes

"Work from home! Make hundreds of $$$ a day!" Unfortunately, these claims are not always true.

workfromhome(September 14, 2010- Prescott, AZ) Unfortunately some job seekers will learn a hard lesson in realizing that not all job offers and work at home opportunity websites are trustworthy. BBB offers advice to those on the job hunt on how to protect their personal information as well as their wallets from phony job websites.

As the leader in advancing marketplace trust, your BBB has compiled the following list of common website features, which in the wrong hands can be used to convince job seekers the offer and website is real:

Use of testimonials

Red Flag: A common feature of a fake work-at-home or job opportunity website is the use of a real life ‘working mom’ testimonial.

What You Can Do: If a job offer or website looks suspicious, Google the name of the person in the testimonial and see if that name is being used in other work-at-home websites. Also, conduct a Google search to see if results match with other information and photos used on the site.

National or local news ‘endorsements’

Red Flag: A fake job offer or website may feature logos for local or national news outlets with statements such “As Seen On” claiming that the job or product to be sold was a featured story.

What You Can Do: First research to see of the news outlet really exists. If it is a legitimate news source, watch or read the story to determine if the reporter is covering the hiring company or just a common product or service offered by the company.

‘Dead End’ Tabs

Red Flag: The website has multiple tabs on the top of sides to indicate more information is available, yet none is available.

What You Can Do: Click on all available tabs to review content. A common feature of fraudulent job websites are dead end tabs on the webpage. All of the tabs will lead back to the same page, which typically will be a sales splash page asking for personal information in order to learn more about the opportunity.

Little or No Company Info

Red Flag: There is little or no contact information for the hiring company on their website.

What You Can Do: Research the company online at You may search by company name, phone number and URL. Be cautious if there is no contact information available and the only way to communicate is by email.