Today: Jun 02 , 2020

Pelican at Watson Lake

17 October 2010   Stew Schrauger and Lynne LaMaster

An unusual visitor has come to Watson Lake. Have you seen him? pelican2


It's a lovely day in Prescott, Arizona. Fall colors are showing their glory, there are a few clouds in the sky (okay, okay, we just might end up with a few raindrops, but what's wrong with that?) and the temperature is a banana-belt 70º, give or take a little.

So, have you considered just getting out and taking at least a walk (that's the less energetic version of 'hike')?

Stew Schrauger, master photographer was out and about recently, and actually snapped a photo of a rarely seen (in Prescott) white pelican enjoying Watson Lake.

So, grab your camera, put on your energizing hiking boots, take a hoodie for possible precipitation, and get out into the gorgeous world we are so blessed to live in. Who knows what you'll find?


Pelican photo by Stew Schrauger/Natural Visions Photography. If you would like copies, please contact Natural Visions Photography at: 928.772.1094, or send an email