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Public Appeal - Veterans Memorial

22 December 2015  
A Public Appeal to the Citizens of Yavapai County: We Need Your Help

The Veterans Memorial Plaque Committee received unanimous approval for their proposal to update the plaque on the All Veterans Memorial from the Board of Supervisors at their meeting on Monday, December 7, 2015. The Committee is now seeking the public’s assistance.

The Veteran's Memorial Plaque Project Committee, co-chaired by Betty Bourgault and Phil Goode of Prescott, is actively seeking participation in this project from all communities within Yavapai County.

From the Veteran’s Memorial Plaque Project Committee:

“We are working on updating the bronze plaque on the All-Veterans Memorial statue located on the west side of the Courthouse Plaza to include those who were killed in Iraq/Afghanistan Operations who were either born, raised or enlisted from Yavapai County. The names of the soldiers we currently have from these two conflicts are: Capt. Jeremy Fresques-Clarkdale, Sgt.1st Class Barett W. McNabb-Chino Valley, Pvt. Reece D. Moreno-Prescott, Gy.Sgt. Edward T. Reeder-Camp Verde, 1st Lt. Jonam Russell-Cornville and Spc. Tenzin L. Samten-Prescott .

In addition, we have located twenty-two more soldiers whose names did not appear on the original plaque. WWI - Pvt. Walter H. Grant-Jerome, Cpl. Charles A. Harding-Seligman, Pvt. Guy A. Jamison-Canyon (Black Canyon), Pvt. John Kelly-Mayer, Pvt. Sidney Owens-Mayer, Sgt. Arthur J. Tisdale-Jerome and Pvt. William Walter-Seligman. WWII - Pvt. Adolfo V. Fritz (Frietz)-Jerome, Pvt. Pilar Muniz, Jr. -Jerome, Pfc. Gabriel Olvera-Jerome, Sgt. Bennett Dale Hites-Clarkdale, Sgt. Robert T. Luepke-Clarkdale, 1st Lt. Charles G. Morris-Camp Verde, 1st Lt. Herbert V. Young and 2D Lt. Joseph L. Nichols-Cornville. Research has not been completed on the following: Harry Stewart-Cottonwood, Harold Cobb, Manuel Garcia, and Leslie Jacobs Any information on these soldiers would be greatly appreciated. KOREAN WAR - Cpl. Jesse M. Gaitan- Jerome/Prescott, and Lt.Jg. Ross Moore Lockhart-Cornville. VIETNAM WAR - Pfc. William Raymond Bennett-Cottonwood.

We are also seeking additional names and family contacts of those who lost their lives while serving in the armed forces from the following wars: World War I and II, Korean, Vietnam. Afghanistan/Iraq and Gulf Wars that are NOT already on the present plaque and meet the above criteria. It would be very unfortunate if a single veteran who deserves to be honored fails to be acknowledged simply because he or she was unknown to the Memorial Committee. We appreciate your help and If you have any information please contact us at:

Veterans Memorial Plaque Project Committee
P.O Box 11594
Prescott, Az. 86304

781-413-6710 Betty
928-821-8009 Phil

or email: