Today: Oct 22 , 2019

Prescott is Home to More Than 153 Group Homes and Treatment Programs

Dump the Drugs Day Coming Up

MATForce Announces a Dump the Drugs Day for Saturday, April 30

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol have seized contraband and drugs, rescued an injured man and discovered a tunnel.

 MATFORCE Lunch ‘n Learn – Bridging the Gap:  Talking to Youth About Drugs

The “Just Say No” Generation to Whom Nancy Reagan Dedicated Herself Can Rightfully Look Back with Gratitude for the Protection She Marshaled on Their Behalf

Governor Doug Ducey Appoints Substance Abuse Task Force

Arizona Borders: Marijuana Hiding Places

In gas tanks, under carpet, tucked inside tires. There is nothing new in smuggling.


Customs and Border Protection officers find drugs in spare tire, another had drugs in radiator.

Guidance Counselor Arrested for Drug Sales

Three incidents in Southern Arizona resulted in seizure of $613K worth of drugs. 

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