Today: Jun 01 , 2020
Yavapai County

Yavapai County

2012 may seem like a long ways down the road, but Yavapai County has decided to get a jump on planning the celebration of Arizona’s Centennial. The county invited local government officials, citizens, interested agencies and organizations to the Prescott Rodeo Grounds last Wednesday to brainstorm possibilities and ideas.
It's an excelling school, so how can it be that PHS did NOT meet the AYP determinations? All the PUSD schools are rated above Performing. How can they Excel and yet not meet AYP standards?
Ever wonder what kind of information the government is required to share with you? And, how the heck do you pry it out of them, anyway?

Brilliant Rainbow, Glorious Rain!

The rainbow was brilliant, the rain was wonderful and the temperatures were cool. What's not to like?

Come to the Fair!

The 94th Annual Yavapai County Fair formally opened Thursday in Prescott Valley with a tasty bar-b-que attended by several local officials and County Fair employees and volunteers.

The Best Guide to the County Fair Ever!

What is it that causes grown people to see the world through a child's eye for a day... to discard our diets for Indian fry bread and cotton candy... to cause us to dig deep into our pocket books for novelty items?