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School Snow Information, Tuesday, February 11

11 February 2020  

Roads are icy and slick. 

Snow Day - Tuesday, February 11: Current Information.

Good morning! Here is the latest information about school delays. Check back frequently to this page for the most up-to-date information. If nothing is indicated, we do not have a report yet, or an independent verification. 

If you have further information, please call 928.458.5119 to report it, or send an email to

Here's the National Weather Service link.

School Delay & Closure Information

Prescott Unified School District School  Snow Day details on Facebook. 2 hour delay. 

From Joe Howard, Superintendent: “After monitoring roads and storms since 3 a.m., we have determined that the two hour delay will stand for 2/11/2020. We collaborate with meteorologists, City Works and plow crews, other districts, transportation and facilities personnel.

"The purpose of the two-hour delay is multifaceted, with a focus on allowing time for roads to be cleared, and to monitor storms as they unfold. The timing on this has been tricky, but it looks like snow is stopping and roads will turn to slushy conditions fairly quickly.

"We ask that families and individuals also use the two hour delay to assess their own personal situation, and proceed cautiously and safely. We realize that in our town, conditions vary based on terrain, driving experience and other variables. Likewise, our busses drive through extremely varied altitude ranges, and our drivers are instructed to take the time needed to keep safety paramount. Please understand if buses are running behind schedule. We also understand that our students may be behind schedule.

"Please be safe out there. Expect varied conditions, including from icy to slushy and wet parking lots/sidewalks. Our facilities crews are working as quickly as possible, but the timing of this storm was not on our side.”

Abia Judd, Taylor Hicks, Lincoln and Granite Mountain: 10:25 AM; Mile High Middle School: 10:10 AM; Prescott High School: 10 AM, no early bird classes

The following schools usually follow PUSD in Snow Day decisions (although we attempt to independently confirm their status):

Cornerstone Preschool & Daycare: 771-2754 - Rule of thumb, if PUSD schools are closed, they close. If PUSD is on a 2-hour delay, their program starts at 10 AM.

Franklin Phonetic Elementary School: (typically follows PUSD)

La Tierra (typically follows PUSD): "La Tierra Community School is on a 2 hour snow delay. We will start all classes at 10 am. The gate will open at 945.
We follow PUSD regarding weather closures. We will update you if this turns into a full day closure."

Mountain Oak Charter School  (typically follows PUSD)

Northpoint Academy: (typically follows PUSD) 

Sacred Heart (typically follows PUSD, unless a 2-Hour Delay is called on a Friday, then school is closed): "Two hour delayed start today"

Trinity Christian School (typically follows PUSD): A reader has reported a 2 hour delay.

Willow Creek Charter (typically follows PUSD) website: "We are on a two hour delay today-Tuesday February 11th, 2020. School will begin at 10 a.m. Drive safely out there!"


Other Prescott Schools

Primavera School "Primavera School is on a two hour delay 2/11/2020! Doors open at 9:45 a.m."

BASIS Prescott : You can also check their Facebook page.  A reader has posted a 2 hour delay, but another reader says that BASIS will be closed today. Please verify this information at (928) 277 0334.

Yavapai Exceptional Industries

Tri-City Prep: "2/11/2020 Delay Opening due to snow - 10am. Please follow the late start bell schedule. Both high school and middle school will start at 10:00am. High school students should report to their 2nd period teachers."

Chino Valley School District: "Winter Weather Information - February 11th, 2020 - 4:55 AM.

"Due to inclement weather, all schools at Chino Valley Unified School District are on a TWO HOUR DELAY today, February 11th.. Buses will run two hours after their normally scheduled times and schools will begin two hours after their normal times. Morning session of preschool is cancelled. Dismissal time for all schools is at their normally scheduled times." 

"Debido al mal tiempo, las clases en todas las escuelas del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Chino Valley empezarán con un RETRASO DE DOS HORAS hoy (February 11th). Los autobuses circularán dos horas después de su horario normal y las clases empezarán dos horas después de su horario normal. Se cancela la sesión matutina de preescolar. El horario de salida de todas las escuelas sigue las horas normalmente programadas."

Mingus Springs Charter School: 

Yavapai County High School (Follows Chino Valley School District): 

Humboldt Unified School District 2 Hour Delay "Parents and Guardians:

"Update: HUSD will be operating on a 2 hour delay for today, Tuesday February 11th. With that said, we know that drivers have different driving experiences and road conditions may vary throughout our attendance area. Our families are encouraged to make their own decisions based on their driving experience and with regards to factors related to terrain. We thank you for your patience and cooperation.

"Due to overnight snow and current road conditions, the Humboldt Unified School District will be operating on a Two Hour Delay for today, February 11th. We will continue to monitor the weather pattern and road conditions throughout the morning.

Updates will be made available on our social media outlets with a final determination for the school day at 7 AM. If you should have any questions, please contact your local school or the District office. 

Please note:

  • · Bright Futures Preschool Extended Classes will begin at 9:45 AM
  • · Bright Futures Preschool AM Classes will be cancelled
  • · All schedules will begin two (2) hours later
  • · Breakfast will not be served
  • · Regular classes will begin two (2) hours later than usual.
  • · Buses will arrive at bus stops two (2) hours later than usual
  • · Dismissal of school in the afternoon will be at the regular time

In advance, thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions regarding this information, please call your school principal or the District Office

Please note: 

  • · All schedules will begin two (2) hours late
    · Regular classes will begin two (2) hours later than usual
    · Buses will arrive at bus stops two (2) hours later than usual
    · Dismissal of school in the afternoon will be at the regular time
    · Headstart Preschool will begin two hours later than usual
    · Breakfast will not be served 

In advance, thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions regarding this information, please call your school principal or the District Office.

"If you have any questions please check our website for district snow procedures."

The following schools follow Humboldt Unified School District:

Acorn Montessori (typically follows HUSD): "2 Hour Snow Delay for Tuesday February 11th 

We are following HUSD’s weather announcement. In an effort to ensure that we will be able to adequately address icy road conditions, our parking lots, and on our campuses, Acorn Montessori Schools will be operating on a two hour delay for today, February 11th. This includes preschool. 

Please note: 

  • · All grades will begin two (2) hours late
    · Dismissal of school in the afternoon will be at the regular time
    · Breakfast will not be served 
    Van routes will be two hours late. 
    Please do not drop students off early as building will not be open. 
    Preschool will not open until 8:30. 
    K-8 will not open until 10:00.

We will continue to monitor and notify you of any additional changes."

Other Prescott Valley Schools:

Parkview Middle School "We will typically follow HUSD, but please check our web-site and listen to the stations below for information." A reader has reported a 2 hour delay. 

Prescott Valley School: Closed for the day. "Updated 2/12/2020 at 7:47am: SNOW DAY! Posted on February 11, 2020admin Due to the amount of snow on campus, the current icy conditions on campus, and the additional predicted snow until 11am today we will be closed today, Tuesday, February 11 for a snow day. 

"Current road conditions and temperatures are not ideal and we do not feel it is in the best interest of our families and staff to drive. 

"We will see everyone tomorrow!"

PV Public Charter School K-12: (aka: AAEC): Confirmed with the school directly, it is a 2 hour delay.

JTED, Colleges & Universities 

Mountain Institute JTED

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University: "Due to some overnight snow/slush/ice, campus and flightline will open at 10:00 am and academic classes will begin at 10:35 am today, Tuesday, Feb. 11."

Yavapai College 2 Hour Delay - "Delayed Opening: All YC locations will open at 10 am today.  Check for more details and exceptions."

Prescott College Tuesday, Feb. 11: 2-hour delay  "Prescott College is on a 2hr delay. Offices open at 10AM, Faculty Workshop will begin at 10AM."

NAU Prescott Valley 

NAU (In Flagstaff): Northern Arizona University is operating on a regular schedule.

Mayer School District: 2-hour Delay, 2/11/2020: Due to ice and snow conditions in portions of the district, all Mayer Schools will have a two hour delay.  Buses will run two hours later today.  This includes High School, Junior High and Elementary. Afternoon release times will remain the same. In the event there are further delays or school closures you will be notified.  

Flagstaff Unified School District


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