Today: Feb 29 , 2020

Settled, Dry & Warming Weather

Look for signs of early spring bulbs this week!

Lovely & Boring Weather This Week

The weather is expected to be boring except for a small possible blip predicted for Wednesday.

It’s that time of the year when the weather isn’t really sure what to do!

Weather: Warm & Sunny

“Totally boring monsoon this year,” Dr. Mark Sinclair  states.

Showers Today, Sunny This Week

Mostly dry after Monday.

Weather to Turn Sunny & Warmer This Week

A bit of possible rain today, then warmer temperatures later this week.

Mostly Sunny with High Clouds

Slightly warmer than normal this week. 

It’s going to be lovely this week.

Bill's Newscast: Weather Is Lookin' Good!

Roadwork and sunny weather.