Today: Dec 14 , 2019

More Rain Expected This Week

Keep those umbrellas handy!

It’s unlikely that Yavapai County will get snow, but there certainly could be flooding.

Major Change in Weather This Week

It will be wet and cold this week.

Weather Seasonably Warm This Week

Enjoy the lovely weather now. It will get colder someday, honest!

Colder But Clear This Week

Pull out the winter coat, it’s going to be cold this week.

Weather: Warm & Dry

Beautiful weather this week.

Gorgeous Weather This Week

An amazing week of weather for your enjoyment!

Overnight Freeze Warning in Yavapai County

Overnight freeze expected tonight.

Boring - Sunny & Clear This Week

Nothing but beautiful clear skies and maybe a bit of wind this week.

It’s that time of the year when the weather isn’t really sure what to do!

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