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Students Take Trip Back In Time

26 March 2014   Mile High Middle School

Learning history hands on.

Starting out at 5:45 a.m. on March 6, 2014, 190 Prescott Mile High Middle School 6th grade students piled onto school buses dreaming of the warm sun, turkey legs, and the jousting tournaments at the Renaissance Festival.  A mere three hours later we crawled and stretched out of the bus into the morning Apache Junction sun.  Starting off students got the chance to “travel back in time” with the Wyld Men show.  The Wyld Men is a historical and hilarious theatrical performance that guides viewers through medieval times.

Next, we toured dungeons, getting a first-hand look at various torture devices.  We saw an impalement device, a coffin of torture, and the breaking wheel.  All devices were intended to harm the body with extreme pain or even death.  Fascinating isn’t a strong enough word to describe these incredible maneuvers used to keep people in line.

Continuing on, we watched a fantastic clan of siblings who juggled fire, the birds of prey show, a jousting tournament, and enjoyed a turkey leg or two.  The teachers even found a special location to enjoy the day when they discovered the Hanging Hammock Village, which only allowed teachers to “hang-out.”

Ending the day, a lot of students rode a mansion sized rocking horse, bungee jumped on overly large trampolines, got their faces painted and hair braided, or bought wooden swords.  All-in-all, in conjunction with classroom learning, Mile High students spent the day experiencing the trials and tribulations of the lives of everyday people during the 14th through 17th centuries and lived to tell about it.