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History Comes to Life at Abia Judd

31 March 2014   Abia Judd Elementary School

Meet your favorite person from history

History comes to life in the halls of Abia Judd Elementary School while 
approximately 120 students wait anxiously for someone to listen to their well prepared speeches. 

The Living History Museum is a program where students dress up as figures in history to recite speeches created by the students. For the students, The Living History Museum is the culminating event to the writing of biographical essays on their subject. As a result, they become experts on their subjects. 

The Museum was started by Tim Erickson (approximately 10 years ago) with his class of 30 students and has grown to include all the fifth grade classes of Abia Judd. It has been such a success that other classes within PUSD and HUSD have started similar events. Every year we are fortunate to have Helen Keller, Dr. Seuss, Steve Jobs and many, many others stop by to remind us of the impact they had on society.

shirleytemple2Blair Hillig

 Tommy English