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PUSD School Board Rejects MATForce's Resolution Against Legalization of Marijuana

03 April 2014  

PUSD Governing Board refuses to join MATForce in their resolution against the legalization of marijuana. 

When MATForce asked for support of a resolution in opposition to the legalization of recreational marijuana use, the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors agreed, voting 5-0 in favor of the measure. 

The Prescott Valley Town Council also supported the resolution, with a vote of 6-1. 

The Prescott City Council also supported MATForce with a vote of 6-1.

Chino Valley Town Council voted in favor of the measure. 

The resolution has even been passed by approximately 30 Native American Tribal groups within Arizona. 

As explained by Chino Valley Mayor Chris Marley, "The County Attorney has requested that Yavapai County communities join in sponsoring this resolution as quickly as possible to show that Yavapai County has a united front and will, hopefully, set the example for the rest of the state."

Well, there will be no united front in Yavapai County, because, ironically, on April 1, when the Prescott Unified School District Board considered the matter, they voted against the measure, 3-2. And no, their vote was not an April Fool's Day joke.

According to Superintendent Dave Smucker, the Board felt that it was not the role of the Board to vote on a political action item.

KQNA's Bill Monroe spoke to Superintendent Smucker. "We had a lively conversation, and from my interpretation of the Board and the vote, if you will, was 3-2, and really, the conversation was, 'Is this really the role of the Board to vote on a political action item?' We're not going to bring it back, and this is kind of how they interpreted what that resolution was."

Board President Tina Seely, and members Brent Roberts and John Mackin voted no on the resolution against the legalization of marijuana. 

Past Board President Dr. Maureen Erickson and member Dr. Scott Hicks voted yes to support the MATForce resolution against the legalization of marijuana. be continued