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Lincoln Elementary School Continues Halloween Parade Tradition

01 November 2017  
Lincoln Elementary School students start the annual Halloween parade around the Prescott Courthouse Square on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 in Prescott, Arizona. All Photos by: Torrence Dunham

Lincoln Elementary School Students Walk Around Courthouse Square In Costumes As Tradition Continues

PRESCOTT- Over the last few decades, the morning of Halloween has been a special time for children at Lincoln Elementary School and the community as students dress up in costumes and walk around the Prescott Courthouse Square. The tradition continued on Tuesday morning, October 31st, as the public came out to see hundreds of kids dressed as princesses, superheroes, villains and cartoon characters.

“It’s really fun and it’s a great way for families to come out and see kids and get into the spirit,” Lincoln Elementary School Principal Karen Hughes said. “It provides that tradition that kids love to do, lots of people remember doing it themselves.”

Children come to school in costume and walk from Lincoln Elementary School to downtown Prescott just before 10 am. After walking around the Prescott Courthouse Square, the parade makes its way through the school district offices and back up to the school. Hughes said individuals in the school district and local businesses give out candy along the route.

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Each year, the parade allows Lincoln Elementary School to support their community by providing a fun Halloween event.

“It’s a great way to involve our community, even if it’s just something simple as they come out and watch the parade,” Hughes said. “It’s one of those things that reminds the community that we are here and it’s a fun way for us to pay-back our community for their support.”

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Hughes said families of the children are allowed to walk alongside their kids in the parade. As the tradition continues, Hughes could see individuals who originally participated when they were in elementary school join their own kids in a future parade.

“The nice part about this is we haven’t had to change it hardly at all,” Hughes said. “Our families are so good respecting the parameters and boundaries around it. It’s one of those events that has just stayed fun.”

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A bonus for the kids is they get to wear their costume throughout the day once the parade concludes.