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PUSD Superintendent Kapp Announces His Retirement Plans

07 October 2009  

Prescott Unified School District Superintendent Kevin Kapp announced tonight that he would retire as of June 30, 2010.

kappretirementPrescott Unified School District (PUSD) Superintendent Kevin Kapp announced his retirement tonight at the PUSD School Board meeting, effective June 30, 2010.

"I think most people in this room are aware of it, this will be my final year with Prescott Unified School District. After 28 years, it's time to hand over the reins to other qualified individuals. I've informed the Board, and we've talked about the search process (which will involve more Board meetings)," Kapp said with a wry smile. "But it's been a wonderful 28 years, and I'd just like to thank the Board for letting me be their superintendent for 9 years, I want to thank the staff and families. It's been a great ride, and I sure hope I've given back as much as I've received. So, thank you."

At the end of the announcement, those in the audience broke into applause for the man who had been their guide for the past several years.

So does Kapp have plans for his retirement? He nodded, "We do. My wife and I now, between the two of us, we'll have about 62 years in education, and we plan on doing something we've always dreamed about, which is, hit the road. We want to travel. We want to see this beautiful country of ours, and Canada. We love going down to Mazatlan for winter, usually just a couple of weeks, now we'll have the ability to stay down there for a couple of months. And that's our plan. We'll stay in Prescott, and keep Prescott as our base, but after 28 years in Prescott, and 31 in education, yeah, it's time to do something else."

He stopped to consider the current state of affairs stating, "The District is in wonderful shape, we have a wonderful governing Board, we have an administrative team that I'm always very impressed with, we have teachers and staff that are here for the right reasons, we have families that support us. I think it's the right time. Unfortunately, the only glitch in my perfect scenario is that the Arizona budget is not all that great. But, that's just the way it is, and I'll deal with it."

Kapp explained the next steps, "I'll work through June 30, 2010, and between now and then the Board will go through a search process and I know they'll find someone to take my place and carry on the great things and even think of even new things to do."

So, will the opening be filled from within the District, or will it be posted outside the District? Kapp answered, "They will post it inside outside. It will be a general posting. And the Board, we did talk a little tonight about the process, they do have the option of hiring a search company, such as Arizona School Boards, but of course, that involves some money and they may not want to do that. So, actually the Board is going to have a couple of different companies come up and do a short presentation and decide if they're going to do the search themselves or contract it out. But, the posting will be general, we'll open it up for anyone to apply, and I'm sure we'll get good applicants. Prescott Unified is a gem of a district to work for, and we'll get some interest."

And in the distant future, perhaps, when County School Superintendent Carter decides to retire, would Kapp be interested in that position? He shook his head. "I don't think so. Although I will tell you, both my wife and I will be keeping our certificates up to date, we will not let them lapse. But, County School Superintendent?" Kapp shook his head again. "I'll let Tim Carter do that as long as he wants, because he's doing a great job. Years from now if an interim superintendency opens up, that may be kind of fun to do, it's always nice to help out a district for a year, but in general, no, this is retirement. We're really thinking of - we've got our list and we've got to get started on it."


Lynne LaMaster

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