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Bungalows in Cambodia

11 May 2010  

As Northpoint students trundle around Cambodia, they find new educational opportunities and times to relax.


Here's a recent update from the Northpoint students during their trip to Cambodia. 

Update - May 10:

The past few days have been quite an adventure. We drove down to Kampet and ate at a local restaurant before we sailed across the Gulf of Thailand to Rabbit Island where we splashed around in the ocean and slept in bungalows. We discovered the sea urchins by finding needles stuck in our feet while running around the shore. This island was paradise. There were hammocks hanging from every tree and the trees shed little flowers on our faces.

Yesterday we drove back to Phnom Penh for the night and we are now headed off to the eastern part of the country to an elephant conservation camp that borders Vietnam. We will be hanging out with elephants all day tomorrow and every one is ecstatic.

We miss you all and we hope everyone is having a good time back at home.

(written by Lindsey, and the rest of the Cambodian Intensive group)

Update - May 8:

Yesterday we started off the day waking up to ants surrounding our bags. After dealing with the annoying pest, we set off to the Killing Fields with our guides, Chris and Yi. We witnessed the history of the terrible deaths the people of Cambodia faced when the Khmer Rouge took over and the mass graves-- consisting of hundreds of people-- in which their bodies were buried, but I'm sure we'll tell you all about that after we get back. The Killing Fields were actually a 2nd destination for these people to be killed and was a later choice after S21.

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That's where we headed to next. S21 was a former high school prior to Khmer Rouge (KR) takeover. When they invaded it was transformed into a prision in which the KR kept, tortured, and killed the Cambodians. The S21 has buildings full of hundreds of cells. All having held hundreds of people who were all killed.

On a lighter note, we left there to travel to the Royal Palace of Angkor. There we experienced rich architecture, Buddhist worship buildings, and the unique appearance of monks: they were EVERYWHERE. Some of us even had quite long conversations with these monks. At another part of the Palace, monkeys climbed about the walls, posing for pictures.
Before heading to our last activity, we rode our bus to the base of 'the Mountain', which really is more realistically a large hill. At the top of this 'mountain', there was an incredible Buddhist Temple. At the top we met a man who was selling birds to release from your hand as good luck. Tonight we are headed to Kompat and the island to maybe spend the night. We will probally spend some time biking around the island!

(written by Brenna and the entire Cambodian Intensive group)

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