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Beauchamp Takes Time to Answer Questions from Tri-City Prep Students

16 May 2010   Erik J. Stauber

Bradley Beauchamp, CD-1 candidate for U.S. Congress, answers students’ questions at Tri-City Prep in Prescott, Arizona after a recent presentation on the U.S. Constitution.

Bradley Beauchamp, CD-1 candidate for U.S. Congress, answers students’ questions at Tri-City Prep in Prescott, Arizona after a recent presentation on the U.S. Constitution.

Prescott, AZ: Bradley Beauchamp, Republican CD-1 candidate for Congress, recently took time away from a busy campaign schedule to return to his teaching roots, speaking to students at Tri-City Prep in Prescott on May 5th about the importance of the U.S. Constitution as relates to the nation’s current political landscape.

“This country was conceived by our founding fathers as a land of opportunity,” Beauchamp told the students, “and the United States Constitution was carefully drafted to help ensure that we remain free to pursue our dreams.”  He explained that the Constitution was designed to limit the power of the federal government over individual states, and how the 10th Amendment further empowers states to govern themselves.

Beauchamp’s deep commitment to that historic document, and his concern about efforts to erode fundamental freedoms as guaranteed in the Constitution, is one of the primary reasons that the teacher-turned-lawyer felt compelled to run for Congress.

"I’ve been studying the Constitution myself for many years,” Beauchamp said. “I decided to run because I can see that our Constitution is being undermined; individual freedoms are now under attack, and our fundamental liberties hang in the balance.”

A graduate of Northern Arizona University, after several years as a teacher in Globe, Beauchamp went back to school himself, earning his Juris Doctor degree at California’s Thomas Jefferson School of Law.  Returning to Globe, he started a private law practice.  Beauchamp’s growing concerns about recent political and economic developments caused him to launch his Congressional campaign last fall; he is the first candidate from CD-1 to qualify for the ballot.

Beauchamp told students that it’s time for a reality check in Washington, D.C.  He stressed the importance of studying and staying tuned into what happens in American politics today, because what happens now will impact their future.

“Our country’s greatness comes from hard working families and free enterprise, not billion dollar bailouts or government takeovers,” Beauchamp said.  “We need to get the federal government out of the business of states like Arizona, and allow us to make our own decisions.”

After his presentation, students peppered Beauchamp with questions.  Student Stephen Underwood asked how he felt about the healthcare bill, now signed by the President.

“I think it’s horrible, and I’ve read all of it,” Beauchamp said.  “You will be penalized if you do not participate in government-mandated healthcare plans.  We need to shrink the government and regulate commerce, certainly - but not control it.”

Another student, Merced Kline asked about the importance of defending the American Dream.

“I am an example of living the American Dream,” Beauchamp replied. “I started out working in a mine in Globe, Arizona, worked my way through college to become a teacher, then worked my way through law school and became a lawyer. This is what America is about - going after your dreams and being able to realize them. There is no better country in which to do it, and my goal is to make certain it remains that way.”


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