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PHS Graduates Celebrate As They Receive Their Diplomas

31 May 2010  

Lots and lots of photos of the Prescott High School graduation await your viewing pleasure.

phsgradphotosSome looked nervous, as if this weren't really happening. Some looked cheerful and cocky, with wide grins and uplifted thumbs. Others looked intent, as if this were simply another step towards their life goals. Some looked a little wistful as if saying goodbye to the institution they had invested so much into was a difficult task. But by the end of the night all 400 students (give or take a few) seemed to be in an ecstatically celebratory mood: their hard work had paid off, and they had finally graduated from Prescott High School. They were officially the Class of 2010.

There were introductory comments, including those made by some of the students involved in student government. This presentation was titled, "The Journey That Made Us". One recommended that the graduating students seriously consider working on the goal of the "PFI" - Pursuit of Financial Independence. That drew a loud laugh from those in the crowd who had attended previous graduations, because Superintendent Kevin Kapp had been recommending "PFI" in many years of his commencement addresses. No worries, when Kapp took his turn later, he still had plenty to say.

"More Than Just Students" was the theme of the presentation made by Honor Students as they reminded those looking on that in addition to their high grades, they were also athletes, musicians, actors and more. Music was provided by both the PHS Chorale and the Concert Bands, of course some who were performing for the very last time.

But the highlight of the evening for these young men and women? Receiving the diplomas they had worked so hard to attain.

Congratulations to the Prescott High School Class of 2010!


We've got two photo galleries for you. One contains the photos of the students either getting their diplomas or shortly afterwards as they walked to their seats.

The first photo gallery, however, has all the photos regarding the graduation that do not specifically include students receiving their diplomas. Click on the single thumbnail to view all the images (about 80).


Photo Galleries

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And here are the students in the parade of diplomas:



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