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Noon Lionesses Collect Boxtops and Labels for Local Schools

21 May 2013   Billie Busse

About 3000 points worth of labels and boxtops were collected by the club

Representatives from the Prescott Noon Lioness Club met with PUSD Assistant Superintendent Joe Howard and Chief Financial Officer Renee Raskin on May 4th to present the district with a year's collection of BoxTops for Education and Labels for Education.

Chair Beverly Hall stated that the club "collected about 3,000 points" which will help the schools with supplies in the fall. This is an ongoing project for the club and they urge other groups to take on the challenge of collecting as many points as possible from food and other products.

President Judy Rae Haley says groups can go to www.boxtops4education/earn/clip/Brands and download a list of all products carrying the pink coupons. Labels for Education are from the Campbell Soup Co and a list of products can be found