Today: Aug 18 , 2019

Badgers Season Ends On Sour Note

Critical call scores deciding run

Bradshaw Mountain suffers first defeat in hard hitting contest

Prescott comes up short on long road trip

Kicking game comes up big. Peters ties, Gross wins!

Clark runs for 3TDs. Greene picks up 2TDs on blocked punts

Badgers Nip Mohave 60-59

Last second shot by Parsons gives Prescott thrilling victory                                                                                                            

Badgers Survive Home Opener 53-51

Lopez tip at the buzzer is the difference

Prescott offense manages only two field goals  

Badgers Come Out Cleaner In Laundry Bowl 21-6

Lee Williams coach tossed as flags fly

Badgers Ground Falcons 35-25

Prescott defense bends but doesn't break in final quarter.

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