Today: Jun 02 , 2020
Torrence Dunham

Torrence Dunham

The Prescott High School Volleyball team continues to bring home the victories. 

It’s almost time for the NAZ Suns to start their inaugural season.

There’s a good reason the Lady Badgers are ranked #2.

You thought they were done for the season. But, nope, they're still in the hunt. Go Roughriders!

Lady Badgers capture the 2016 4A Grand Canyon section title.

It was the 24th rivalry game between these two teams. It was also Senior Night for the Bradshaw Mountain Bears.

There is more on the line in Friday’s game than the age-old rivalry between Prescott and Bradshaw.

It was the first game for the Lady Eagles. And it will go down in history.

Lady Badgers trounce Bears in Volleyball

Badgers Change Attitude, Sweep Mingus

It was a satisfying sweep for the Prescott Badgers Volleyball team.