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Auto Corner: Real American, Real Good: 2010 Lincoln MKS

07 November 2010   John Dickerson

The 2010 MKS has broken expectations in sales and reliability.

mks_exteriorRaised on the industrial pollution of Detroit, I’ve long been a fan of American automobiles. But like most critics, I watched as import vehicles edged the Big Three automakers out of the top-spot in most categories—including luxury sedans.

Now that public auto sentiment has turned anti-American, Detroit is producing some noteworthy and overlooked vehicles. I’m pleased to announce the Lincoln MKS as one such luxury sedan. The 2010 MKS has broken expectations in sales and reliability.

The new entry-level Lincoln is well worth the time and test drive of anyone in search of a unique sport-luxury sedan. You’ll be pleased to find the MKS costs considerably less than many of its import competitors, too.

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This Lincoln is doing what no domestic sedan has done in years—breaking expectations and winning reliability awards (with the exception of Cadillac’s stunning new CTS). For that matter, the MKS is doing what no import sedan has done either; it’s created a style and feel unlike any of its competitors. While other luxury sedans look and perform like copycat clones, the MKS boasts a nostalgic, luxury feel unmatched in entry-level luxury sedans.

Lincoln’s sedan turns heads with classic styling and soothes pocketbooks with less-than Lexus pricing. Best of all, the MKS has retained the best traits of a classic American sedan: comfort, style and power.

In the crowded field of luxury sedans, track performance has recently shaped the competition. As such, many new luxury sedans are smaller and quicker, but they sacrifice the plush luxury ride and legroom some buyers desire. Here the MKS stands out from the pack—with plenty of room for backseat passengers.

Inside the MKS, a simple but stylish dash and chrome shifter hearken back to Lincoln’s luxury history. The combined navigation and entertainment system is easy to operate. Simply enter the address of your next location, and the route guidance will lead you there with the skill of veteran cab driver.

Drivers and passengers with iPods will be happy to know the same entertainment system has an Auxiliary input, so you can listen to your own iPod music library while you float around town behind the power of the Lincoln’s 355 horsepower Ecoboost V-6. That’s V-8 power with almost normal V-6 gas mileage of 17 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway

The MKS’s trunk easily holds the luggage of five adults, and the back seat comfortably accommodates three six-footers. Yet this roomy sedan doesn’t drive like a boat—or like any soft-blooded American cruiser. The Ecoboost V-6 can rocket the MKS to 60 miles per hour in just over 5 seconds. This Lincoln provides tight steering and braking without sacrificing cushy luxury. Behind the wheel, the sport-comfort blend transmits masterfully. The steering is responsive and safe, but the MKS glides like a Lincoln Town Car over cobblestone roads.

Whether you’re looking for Motown muscle or for a comfortable, stylish cruiser, the Lincoln MKS is worth your examination. Finally, a Detroit sedan that competes with import racers at the track and looks like a million bucks while doing so. In the MKS, American muscle meets high build quality and contemporary design.


© 2010 John Dickerson

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