Today: May 26 , 2020
John Kehlenbeck

John Kehlenbeck

Each month John Kehlenbeck tests a worthy car. From the mundane stats of zero-to-60 time all the way to the incredibly important aspects of a vehicle, like cup holder location and bluetooth integration, Kehlenbeck dissects the details to give you the information you actually care about.

From the ground up, the NX is refreshingly original, although it’s in a crowded luxury segment.

The Luxurious LX570 Conquers Nearly All Terrain in Comfort

The LX570 cocoons its inhabitants in quiet serenity.

2015 Auto Corner: Toyota Camry Hybrid

On the continent of Efficiency lies the nation of Practicality, and high above the land in his strong stone castle reigns the King of Economy. Guess what car he drives? The Toyota Camry Hybrid, 2015 edition.

2015 Toyota Avalon: Improves on Success

In all, Toyota has taken its best-seller and drastically improved it over the past two years. 

Auto Corner: 2015 Lexus IS 350

Though both raw ambition and determination are required in order to outwit European rivals, the Lexus brand continues to stake its claim within the compact luxury segment with the venerable IS.

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