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Eat More and Lose Weight!

08 April 2016   Christy Foote | Core Nutrition Coach
Eat more and lose weight. Really?

When someone says, “I need to lose some weight,” it usually triggers an image of someone being deprived, right? Why is that? Overall, I would have to say it’s due to so many fad diets trying to get in your pocket book! But, discussing that won’t help you fix your metabolism. And if you are eating well below your body’s caloric needs and not losing weight, it’s a sign that your metabolism may be damaged.

Everybody hears the buzz word metabolism, but what is it exactly? It’s the process of your body breaking down molecules (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) to obtain energy. Metabolism can slow down with age and other genetic factors. It can also be slowed down by not eating enough for long periods of time. That’s right, not eating enough!

Most people are shocked when I tell them that a majority of my clients aren’t eating enough to lose weight! It’s been so ingrained in our minds to eat less and skip meals if we want to lose weight. Sad to see so many people do this to their bodies meaning well, but in the long run only making things worse.

So, how can you repair your metabolism so it burns what you eat at a healthy rate again? One of the best ways is to eat every 2-3 hours and have small nutritious meals. Think of a how you try to keep a good warm fire burning all day. Do you put one large log in the fireplace first thing in the morning and expect it to keep you warm until noon? And then add another large log at noon.

It would be hard to start the large log again because you have no kindling and the large log from morning is down to pretty much nothing! The fire needs all different size logs and kindling to get it going and keep it going. Now imagine using no kindling and adding another large log in the evening! Will the new log even start fire?!? Are you going to be warm all the way until the next morning? Of course not!

Wouldn’t it be wise to put a couple medium logs in the morning, with some good kindling? Add two to three small logs mid morning….ahhh still warm!! Add two to three more at lunch….feeling toasty! Two to three more late afternoon…...cozy and the fire is burning really great now! And by dinner time…….you get the picture! The fire would burn consistent and efficiently all through the night.

Our bodies are no different than keeping a warm fire burning all through the day and night. Add the right kind of fuel every two to three hours and you are going to have a system that is burning what you put in giving it good energy, amazing health and a great looking body composition! And a metabolism that believes you are going to feed it, so it will burn what you put in. Ahhhhh, a warm continuous fire, I mean metabolism!.

What kind of “fuel” does your body need to burn efficiently? The ”medium log” would be protein (eggs, meat, protein powder). The other medium log you need to add is healthy fat (avocado, olive oil, nuts, seeds). And the kindling is your carbohydrates (brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal). Just as in a good fire, your body needs all three types of fuels to run its best. And it needs these fuels throughout the day every 2-3 hours so it won’t burn out.

Protein takes longer to digest; consider it the “large log.” Fat is responsible for helping your metabolism stay burning like small kindling does. And think of carbohydrates being the newspaper or the gasoline to ignite the fire to get going quickly! The newspaper usually burns off quickly, right? Same as the carbs in comparison to protein and fat. They all have their place.

Don’t let your fire burn out…...feed it often and with the right fuel!

Christy Foote

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Core Nutrition Coach


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