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Vacation Without Packing on 5 Extra Pounds in “Luggage”

04 June 2016
  Christy Foote | Core Nutrition Coach
Tips to Enjoy Your Vacation While Maintaining Your Weight

Most of us look forward to vacations and relaxing. We set goals to lose that extra weight before the trip. Some work hard for months to eat right and exercise and then “pack” it back on after our vacation. Vacation should be about relaxing and enjoying. The problem is when vacations turn into a “pass” to constantly overindulge on junk and not move a muscle! So here are some tips to help you enjoy your vacation and only bring back extra weight in souvenirs.

Reserve Lodging with a Kitchen

If you can reserve a hotel, VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner), condo or whatever lodging you like with a kitchen, you will have an easier time keeping on track. And it will save you money. You are probably thinking, I don’t want to cook on vacation, right? I get it, me either! Just because you have a kitchen doesn’t mean you have to cook every meal. It gives you food storage options, so you can avoid processed foods and have tasty foods available, which is key.

Plan Ahead

Go to the store where you are staying and buy things that are easy to take with you on your daily excursions. Like greek yogurt (don’t forget plastic spoons for when you are out and about), cottage cheese, nuts, and easy to pack fruits like apples and oranges. Breakfast can be simple by buying eggs and some veggies to saute up. Buy some blueberries or raspberries and top your greek yogurt for a quick breakfast or snack. Grill extra chicken at dinner time for lunches. Buy carrot sticks and bagged salad to make healthy choices easy.

Bring a small collapsable style cooler and refreezable ice pack, if the place you are staying doesn’t have one. That way you can pack up for the whole day and be prepared for when you need a snack. This prevents the urge to pig out because you were at the beach all day or on a road trip with nothing handy to eat.

Plan Some Fun Activity

Relax, but don’t forget to burn some calories. If you are in Vegas by the pool all day, that night make sure to walk to the different casinos verses a cab. Play some tennis, walk on the beach. Whatever you like, just try to move everyday. You will feel better mentally and physically.

Drink Water

My husband thinks I have a water bottle fetish. I do! Drinking water didn’t use to be a habit for me, so I had to make the bottles fun. I know that’s weird, but it works. I have a large bottle that diffuses fruit, mint or cucumber to make it interesting. And water bottles that keep the ice frozen all day. Drinking plenty of water will also help the temptation to overeat. Being hydrated (8-10 glasses a day), helps your brain so it doesn’t confuse hunger with being thirsty.

Savor Your Treats

When my clients go on vacation, I tell them to enjoy themselves. No shame if you have a treat. Do your best to eat healthy most of your meals. Not a hamburger and fries every day! If you order dessert, share. Have smaller portions and savor! If you eat healthy most days of the year, one week of a few splurges will not undo that.

Being strict is necessary if you are competing for a bodybuilding physique competition. I am guessing most of us just want to maintain our weight on vacation. If you do come home with a little extra cushion (not a airplane pillow), it’s okay. Remember to love yourself and get right back on track.

Christy Foote

Core Nutrition Coach