Today: Dec 12 , 2019

We are off to explore new adventures, which is, oh, so exciting! But it also means we must sell our home. 

A Patient's Guide for Cardiac Rehabilitation

Important Steps for Effective Recovery at Home Following Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Attack or Other Cardiovascular Condition

From Hospital to Home Care: Transitioning Home

The First 72 Hours at Home Are Critical for Post-Hospitalization Patients

One of the Leading Causes of Hospital Readmission or Slow Post-Hospitalization Recovery Is the Lack of Proper Support Following a Hospital Discharge

Smart Home Technology

Every New Year Brings New Technology

The Balanced Care Method: A Purposeful Life

Social Ties, Calmness & Sense of Purpose Contributes to Healthy Longevity

The Balanced Care Method: A Healthy Diet

Because Health-Span Is as Important as Lifespan

Considering In-Home Care for An Aging Love One?

Making It Possible to Age in Place

August Single Family Home Sales Spike Year Over Year According to Assessor Pearsall

Bill's Newscast: Chino Valley Fire Claims Home

A Chino Valley home is a total loss after a fire, which started around 5 on Tuesday morning.

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