Today: Apr 06 , 2020

Visual-Spatial Perception Decline Can be Offset by Cognitive Stimulation

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method

Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Slowing the Cognitive and Functional Decline Associated with Dementia

Important Tips for Successful Recovery at Home

Specialized Post-Hospitalization Care Allows a Seamless Transition Back to Home

Bringing a Loved One Home from the Hospital Takes Planning

The Balanced Care Method: Sharp Minds

Mental Engagement Contributes to Longevity

The Balanced Care Method: Socialization

Socialization Improves Quality of Life for Seniors

Share a Movie Together to Celebrate the Holidays

Great Gift Ideas for a Family Caregiver

Ideas for a Thoughtful Gift 

Gift-Giving Ideas for Seniors

Helpful Holiday Gifts for Your Aging Loved One
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