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The Cognitive Therapeutics Method: Attention

26 February 2017
  Home Care Assistance Prescott | Partner Content

Attention, One of Five Cognitive Functions, Can Be Improved with Activities

As we age, it’s important to keep our brains active and healthy, just like our bodies. The Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM) was developed by the scientific division at Home Care Assistance, and offers enjoyable activities with varying levels of difficulty to keep individuals mentally stimulated and challenged.

There are five areas that CTM activities target, stimulating memory, executive functioning, attention, language and visual-spatial perception. Lets take a closer look at the cognitive function of attention.

Attention is the mind’s ability to channel all focus on one thing while blocking out any other stimuli. When the mind’s attention faculty is strong, it can prioritize certain thoughts in order to finish a task, solve a problem, or reach a goal. When this function declines, people become easily distracted and may be unable to complete simple tasks as a result. This can become very frustrating to the person and his or her loved ones since he or she often becomes more dependent on others.

The following are two examples of activities our caregivers use to help strengthen attention cognitive function through stimulation in our clients:

Block Tapping: the caregiver taps shapes in a certain order and then the client is instructed to repeat the sequence. Even if the client cannot recreate the tapping pattern precisely, his or her focus on the tapping itself engages the attention domain.

Find the Items: clients are instructed to point to specified items on a given page. For example, a client may be asked to find the cats, which requires him or her to ignore the other images on the page. We encourage each client to take his or her time and look carefully, whether or not all items are found.


Focusing on a task or information can be made easier by stimulating and training the attention domain. Addressing the attention domain is crucial because missing out on important information could potentially put the client in danger.

The goal of the program is not to test the client, but rather to enjoy the process of cognitive engagement and improve quality of life. We understand that individuals have different areas of interests and strengths, and thus we are able to personalize and accommodate activities to reflect preferences.

Home Care Assistance Prescott offers cognitive exercises in addition to support with activities of daily living, including transportation, personal care, light housekeeping and companionship. Our goal is to help seniors maintain optimal independence, health and happiness at home; improving their mental acuity is just one more way we can enhance our clients’ quality of life. 

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