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The Cognitive Therapeutics Method: Language

03 March 2017
  Home Care Assistance Prescott

Language is One of Five Cognitive Functions Improved by the Cognitive Therapeutics Method

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM), developed by Home Care Assistance, is a science-based cognitive stimulation program that is administered one-on-one in the comfortable home environment to promote brain health and proactively delay cognitive decline. Whether you feel confident with your cognitive abilities but are interested in finding ways to challenge your mind and keep your brain healthy or you are looking for ways to stimulate areas of weaknesses, we have activities that are fun and challenging for all levels. CTM exercises five areas of cognitive domains include memory, executive functioning, language, attention, and visual-spatial perception. Lets take a closer look at language.

Language refers to the ability to execute verbal functions including spontaneous speech, speech repetition, speech comprehension, naming, reading and writing. Language abilities are essential to communication and thus, our connections with others. Deficits often result in withdrawal and can range from forgetting the meaning of words or phrases to not being able to communicate with words at all - spoken, read or written.

The following activities are examples of exercises caregivers can use to engage clients’ language abilities: 

In the Rhyming Activity on left, clients are prompted to match items from the left column with their rhyming counterparts in the right column. For example, in the picture to the left, phone would be matched with bone. Even if clients cannot identify the rhyming objects immediately, they exercise the language domain by merely identifying and describing each object.

Categorical Scrambles, on right, is an example of a more challenging language activity. The client is asked to decode a series of scrambled words. As an added challenge, he or she is then prompted to identify the word that does not fit within the specified category. For example, if we unscramble the choices under “Seasons” on the right, we get “summer,” “fall,” “spring,” “winter” and “valley,” and can identify that “valley” is the word that does not belong.

The language activities range in difficulty and some can be quite challenging. We designed the activities to prompt thought and discussion around the task so the language domain is activated, whether or not the client solves the problems correctly.

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method has been developed for individuals at all cognitive levels, whether one is already showing symptoms of cognitive decline or simply wants to prevent symptoms from occurring at a later time. The activities have varying levels of difficulty, so we hand select the most meaningful and appropriate activities that are enjoyable and just challenging enough.

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