Today: May 27 , 2020

Lipstick and Legos – My Day off Work

19 February 2017   Holli Maurer

What do days off mean in my world? Time to paint. 

I took yesterday off to be with my kids who were out of school for “teacher in service.” Here’s how I feel about in service days: no. I feel like it should be required that in service days fall on the weekends because it’s ridiculously annoying to me to pay a near mortgage payment for pre-school and then be expected to take days off of work, and either pay a babysitter or stay home from work, and the clincher is that I’m still charged for that day. It totally bugs me.

So yesterday I brewed coffee, lounged in my pajamas, and tried really hard not to be connected to my phone or email. I now have 207 emails sitting in my inbox (gag) and my “lounging” lasted about an hour. I sat on the couch examining the walls of my house. They annoyed me as much as the teacher in service. If you’re following my mid-life crisis painting, you’ll know that I just finished a major paint job of my house about 3-4 weeks ago. Now the walls were bugging me. They were too green, and my old tan paint was too tan. I want grey and all grey! 

I ran to Walmart in my Lularoe pizza pants and my sweatshirt that identified me as “Ain’t No Wifey.” Great. I managed to get in and out of Walmart in less than half an hour with two gallons of “Touch of Grey.” When I was there I decided to buy Little and his friend Batman Lego sets. This was a horrible mistake; as soon as I got home the kids decided that they didn’t want me to paint. They wanted me to put together their little itty bitty Legos for almost an hour. Ugh. Finally, they let me move onto my project. 

I started painting my hallway and then I realized I accidentally painted a wall leading into the kitchen. Fine. I then painted the hall, the kitchen and the breakfast bar. It literally took all day and there were two temper tantrums due to the kids leaning on the wall and ruining a Hulk shirt and a pink tutu. 

At around 3, I received a blocked call from a Prescott number. Since I was trying to stay disconnected, I didn’t answer the call. At 310, my doorbell rang. I’ll paint the picture for you: I had paint in my black hair. I hadn’t showered. I hadn’t brushed my teeth, and I was still sporting the pizza pants. I opened the door to find three firemen standing there. One muffled a laugh – I’m not kidding. 

Turns out, I forgot that I had scheduled them to come move furniture at the house. Awesome. Single girl invites super hot men into house to move furniture and then acts like a lunatic when they attempt to move super heavy furniture through a very narrow hallway; because it was JUST PAINTED! The poor guys were stressed and kept screaming, “that’s gonna touchhhhhhhhhhhhh!” through the entire event. They were so good and so patient as I kept walking through the house mumbling, “I literally just painted.” 

$75 dollars and two major dents in the wall later, the furniture is perfect in my humble home. Today is rainy and gloomy. I had an intervention with myself and threw away my paint roller and edger; but then I panicked and ordered another set of paint supplies on; because let’s be honest – I’m going to have another break down and need to paint the rest of the freaking tan paint that is lingering. The walls that are next are twelve feet high and incredibly annoying to reach, but until it’s done I won’t be ok. Today I WILL rest, lounge and watch my new Netflix series that I found last night and am addicted to. I may even shower. Fingers crossed, there will be no firemen today.