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Mind Matters: Diet, PTSD and Depression

01 April 2018  

Dr. Elaine answers questions about diets, PTSD and national news.

Addictions, phobias, depression, self-esteem - they are all Mind Matters. But, how does one break through and find success?

In this new column, Dr. Elaine Kissel answers your questions; helping to provide understanding and insight into a variety of topics, such as addictions, self-improvement, depression and much more. You can send in your questions to

Question # 1

I would like to lose weight but every diet I have tried has failed.  What diet do you think would be best for me to try?

A. I would not recommend a diet, for diets only work while you are on them, staying on them isn't easy and if and when you reach your goal, then what? The vast majority of people go back to eating the way you did before. There are often complex issues that motivate eating habits and even ones that influence holding onto the weight itself. The best way to end the diet addiction is to learn how to put food in its proper context in your life; that can be accomplished by getting in touch with the reasons  for your poor eating habits  and why its been so difficult for you to easily maintain healthy habits and what will enable you to overcome the problems once and for always. This requires as is always the case, resolving the issues on the deepest levels of consciousness.

Question # 2

I have a friend that has PTSD and she is talking about suicide.   She seems so angry.  She is going to counseling and it does not seem to help.  Is there anything I can do to help her?  

A. If you friend is suicidal, actually planning suicide,  its best to get her to the emergency room. However, many depressed and anxious PTSD afflicted people speak of suicide. For they feel unable to overcome their problems and speak of  suicide as a way out.  Life either holds no purpose for them, and/or they see no other way to end their suffering.  However, when given the right treatment they can overcome the problems that have made life so unbearable and live in a better healthier state of mind and emotions. They need to heal on the deepest levels of their minds, and their brains also need to be retrained in order to accomplish this. here are many neurological factors that need to be addressed.  You cannot just talk person well, talk therapy most often fails for many reasons. Hypnosis when used effectively can facilitate that deep level healing.

Question # 3

The news on TV and in the newspapers is so depressing.  I try not to watch the news but part of my job is to know what is going on in our country and around the world.  How can I stay informed but not be depressed? 

A. Indeed I often recommend people do not watch the news and read either in newsprint or other media all the horrific things that go on in the world.  It gives people a sense s of helplessness, for they can rarely do anything to help or make changes. Many people who suffer from PTSD now are those who have been exposed to too much stress via the networks, and the constant focus on the bad news and the suffering of others.  Even those who feel the need to know what's going on in the world and think they can keep and emotional distance do not realize how the subliminal stress eventually makes itself conscious in many forms;  anxiety, feelings of generalized insecurity and depression. Also many addictions are a result, as various drugs and alcohol are sought as ways to alleviate the stress. My recommendation for someone like yourself is to develop a kind of protective emotional barrier. This can be done by imagining an aura of protection around you that lets only the most positive in. To distance yourself from the horror another way would be to learn self hypnosis and how to employ it to guide your subconscious to develop and immunity to the exposure and protect you from the negative onslaught of bad news. Also my  Mind Mastery techniques are powerfully effective in developing an immunity to the negatives in the world you have no power to influence.

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