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Whipstone Farms: Put a Little Love in Your Heart

08 February 2020   Shanti Rade

With love from Whipstone Farm!

Well, the weather switched back to winter this week. So cold and damn that wind! But Friday turned nice again, so there's that. I know I focus a lot on our local weather - it feels so important and dictates our everyday decisions, not to mention our comfort and the life and death of the plants. But it's illuminating to look out into the wide world too. I was thrilled to hear on the news this morning that they are getting rain in Eastern Australia which is helping with the devastating fires (I've been so heart broken over this). Not so good news, record high temperatures in Antarctica this month. Scary stuff.

We continue to plant like crazy in the greenhouse. Next week we will be doing another big round of seeding in the field as well as the first transplanting of the year - ohhh, I hope those babies make it, but I need to free up greenhouse space, so tough love it has to be. The first round of tomatoes got seeded this week. These tomatoes will be planted out into our unheated high tunnels in about 6 weeks. If planted in black fabric with hoops and row cover, they will be protected from the spring frosts and will give us tomatoes starting in June. Everyone loves tomatoes. And we go to some great lengths to get them as early as we can in our low tech system.

Offerings are bit slim right now at the market, it's such a hard time of year to produce a lot of veggies, but we do have a lovely new batch of salad mix that I think you will all be happy about. Thanks for sticking with us through the lean times. We really appreciate you all.

For the last few years, since we have really gotten serious about growing flowers, I have dreaded Valentine's Day. I love the idea of Valentine's day. A day to express love to others. Lovers, friends, family, everyone. I am big fan of the homemade valentine card, myself. But it really is the day of flowers (and chocolate). Of course our dedicated customers want flowers from us (which I love). But it is really hard (practically impossible) to have local flowers in February with no heated greenhouses. However, if you are open-minded and committed to local, I have a couple of great options for you.

Spring Flower CSA shares We have a 6 week spring flower share which comes with a beautiful card. The cost is $125 which is probably close to what you will spend to get one good quality arrangement of imported flowers on the busiest flower holiday of the year. But with a flower share, your special someone will get 6 weeks of flowers instead. Give the gift now and the recipient can pick up their flowers for 6 weeks in March and April. The spring flower season is the absolute best including long lasting beauties such as ranunculus, tulips, poppies, anemones, hyacinth, muscari and narcissus. You can grab your gift card at the market today or at Nectar on Valentine's day or send me an email and I will mail it out asap Sign up here.

Valentine's Pop-up Shop on Friday Feb 14th we will be popping up at Nectar Herb + Tea Since Valentine's Day falls on a Friday, too far away from the previous Saturday for fresh flower shopping, we will be doing a pop up shop. This is the second year we have partnered with Nectar. This is one of my favorite shops in downtown Prescott. They have all the herbs, essential oils, teas and books on health you could ever want, with the most knowledgeable and kind staff. At the pop-up we will have (very limited) fresh flowers, dried bouquets and mini wreaths, table top flowering bulb gardens, dried floral cards and gift card to go with you CSA share sign up. The shop is having a community appreciation day on the 14th and will have a complimentary DIY perfume bar along with lots of other giveaways and fun events throughout the day. So come see me at Nectar, the event is from 11-4, but I can't promise the flowers will last that long.

Other Resources If you are not local to us, and want to support local flowers where you are, I would highly suggest looking for a flower csa in your area. Here are a couple of resources to get you started. Slow Flowers and ASCFG both offer directories of flower farmers and florists who support local. Also check out this blog post from Floret that has more ideas on how to support local flower for Valentines Day. In particular, Erin's new book "A Year In Flowers" would really make the perfect Valentine's gift for any flower lover. I got an advance copy of the book and I can tell you it is truly a work of art. The photos and layout are incredible, but it is also so informative and well written. You can pre-order a signed copy here or get it from any book seller after Feb. 11.

Olive found the first few Icelandic poppies of the year and just had to pick them

Spring is not quite here yet, but we have a new beautiful batch of
spring salad mix. I know you've all been waiting for it.

started the first round of tomatoes 6 days ago, including some new to us varieties like this one . . .

. . . and they're already up!

scallions up like gangbusters in the paperpot trays - this will be our first
attempt at transplanting this crop and I am pretty excited about it

more greenhouse shots, because these babies are just. so. cute.

I am so thrilled with my seed grown lisianthus. They are one of the slower and
more difficult flowers to germinate and I can't belive they are doing this well.
These babies take about 12 weeks to get up to transplant size.

Saying goodbye to the very last of the 2019 onions. Ok, not to get too technical,
but in our latitude there aren't really any options for long-term storage onions
(also known as hard onions, or not the sweet kind), so we have to grow the varieties
that work for our specific area. But we also made some poor storage decisions this
winter and the onions were building up more moisture than they should have
without us realizing it (hence all that mold). Sorry for the ugly pic, but now you know
why we won't have any more onions this winter. Some of these will go to the
compost pile, but the sheep like to eat them too. And I am now just focusing on
the new onion plants and getting ready for an amazing onion crop this year.

I got an advanced copy of this new book, A Year In Flowers. It's really good.

Some of the things we will have for Valentine's Day - a few fresh flowers (very few)

dried flower wreaths and everlasting bouquets. and also, not pictured here,
some spring flowering bulb tabletop planters.

Spring flower shares (shown above) actually make the perfect Valentine's gift.
We have nice gift cards to go with them too.



salad mix
beets - red, chioggia, tricolor
carrots - orange and rainbow
dried chiles



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